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A Guide to Holding a Grand Indian Wedding in New York

Grand Indian Wedding in New York

Indian wedding implies a lot of work and arrangements. An Indian wedding is never simple since it involves many ceremonies and rituals. From contacting vendors to decorations, an Indian wedding demands a lot of effort.

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Ethereal Mandap Décor in NY Sweep You Off Your Feet

Mandap Décor in NY

Mandap, which changes a girl’s life forever, is a special place for both bride and bride’s groom and a main attraction of an Indian wedding. Just because a couple takes vows to love each other for their entire life and the special rounds.

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Sparkle up Your Party with Party Planners in New York

Party Planners in New York

Music, friends, dance accompanied with a delicious feast are soul of a party. Since they are a way to commemorate a success, birthday, wedding, engagement, graduation, baby shower, etc. they have become a vital part of our lives.

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Make your Special Day ‘Exceptional’ with Wedding Coordinator in New York

Wedding Coordinator in New York

With ring of the wedding bells comes the time to make the ‘things to do’ list. However, it is easier listing than executing everything in accordance to one’s wishes. Hence, with big day comes bigger and important responsibilities.

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