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Essentials of an Indian in wedding in New York

Indian wedding in New York

While some people are more than happy with just the fact that they getting married, most of them want to make their weddings the most memorable and exciting day of their lives such that it wows their guests. Successfully pulling of such a spectacular wedding can be a difficult tasks and you might be better […]

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Planning Food for an Indian Wedding in NY

Food for an Indian Wedding

Food at Indian weddings is probably the most important element of the whole event, especially for the guests. The amount of food that is cooked during an Indian wedding is enough to feed an entire army and the goal is to make sure each guest is satisfied with the food. The best Indian wedding caterers […]

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Steps to Ensure a Successful Corporate Event

Successful Corporate Event

Putting together a successful corporate event is not the easiest task in the world, but with careful planning and attention to detail it can be done. Here are a few steps to ensure that your corporate event is enjoyable and informative for those in audience: Planning Making a proper plan for your event is the […]

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