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What a Party Planner Can Make Ahead of the Thanksgiving Day in New Jersey

Thanksgiving Party Ideas

The significance of Thanksgiving does not need any emphasis for any of us. So it is always better to prepare as much as you possibly can for a memorable thanksgiving dinner. There are a number of dishes that can be prepared well before the big day. So let’s explore what a party planner can make […]

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These are the Best Mandap Decoration Tips for an Indian wedding in NJ

Best Mandap Decoration Tips

As their tradition calls, Indian weddings showcase the mandap decorations as the biggest attraction representing their cultural values. The mandap is held as a four-pole canopy mostly at the center of the stage. Although the style or décor of the mandap can change depending on the region, but the basic concept of blessing the to-be […]

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3 Amazing Benefits of Hiring a Professional Corporate Event Planner in New Jersey

Professional Corporate Event Planner

Planning a business event may seem a fun activity for employees and management, but the case is not always as simple as it seems. There comes a time when you need to hire a proper corporate event planner to give you the experience reflecting your company’s true colors. Professional planners have all what it takes […]

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