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How to make your next NYC party a hit

How to make your next NYC Party a Hit
So, you’re excited for your next party, you’ve been planning this party for quite a while now. You’ve sent out all friends an official invite, now you need to figure out how to plan this party. Given that you [...]
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Memorable theme party ideas

Memorable Theme Party Ideas
What’s more exciting than a regular party? The answer to this question can be quite surprising, and if you guessed it’s a theme party – you – my friend – are great at guessing! Believe or not, theme parti [...]
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How to prepare for an Indian themed wedding

Indian Themed Wedding
It all started when you attended an Indian wedding for the first time. It invoked your curiosity, and got you thinking how complicated and sacred Indian weddings seem. Likewise, many non-Indian Americans have been  [...]
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How to make your next corporate event in New jersey successful

Corporate Event in New jersey
Managing Corporate Events Every year, nearly 122 million dollars are spent on hosting corporate events in the United States. These events are carried out at various venues such as hotels, resorts, country clubs, co [...]
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