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These are the Best Mandap Decoration Tips for an Indian wedding in NJ

Best Mandap Decoration Tips

As their tradition calls, Indian weddings showcase the mandap decorations as the biggest attraction representing their cultural values. The mandap is held as a four-pole canopy mostly at the center of the stage. Although the style or décor of the mandap can change depending on the region, but the basic concept of blessing the to-be […]

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6 Best Red Wedding Ideas for an Indian Wedding in NY

Wedding Ideas for an Indian Wedding

No traditional Indian wedding is complete without the color red. The combination of red with mostly gold is what makes an essential part of any Indian wedding. Red outfit. Red roses. Red mandap. This bright color is the essence of any wedding. If you’re planning to go all traditional on your big day, here are […]

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Ethereal Mandap Décor in NY Sweep You Off Your Feet

Mandap Décor in NY

Mandap, which changes a girl’s life forever, is a special place for both bride and bride’s groom and a main attraction of an Indian wedding. Just because a couple takes vows to love each other for their entire life and the special rounds.

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5 Ways to Add Hot Pink and Orange


Fall wedding festivities reflect the jewel-toned colors of the season. Add an element of surprise with a vibrant color theme of hot pink and orange. From bridal showers, Sangeets and to wedding ceremonies and receptions, this cheerful combination looks fresh for fall.

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