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Tie the knot with help of an Indian wedding planner for a wedding of your dreams


If you are looking forward to a stylish and opulent wedding of your dreams, get an Indian wedding planner and you will be able to enjoy your big day in a totally different way. There is too much to do when you have a wedding to plan and sometimes instead of doing things the right way, you end up getting frustrated and forget too many things that eventually create trouble for you. It is because organizing a wedding is a very tough and long process and sometimes you end up disorganizing things by being too much preoccupied and tense with the upcoming events.

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The Ultimate ‘Before Wedding’ Planning Guide for the Mr. or Mrs. to Be


Congratulations! We believe celebrations are in order on the big announcement of your engagement. Now that your dreams are coming true, it must look forward to be the ‘Mrs.’ of your price charming. But first thing’s first, it is important for you to realize that perfect weddings are planned way before the ‘big day’. It […]

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How to prepare for an Indian themed wedding

Indian Themed Wedding

It all started when you attended an Indian wedding for the first time. It invoked your curiosity, and got you thinking how complicated and sacred Indian weddings seem. Likewise, many non-Indian Americans have been captivated by the concept of having an Indian themed wedding, all that is required is to contact an organization that specializes […]

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5 Mistakes a Wedding Planner Should Avoid for an Event in New York

Mistakes a Wedding Planner Should Avoid

A combination of great organizational and communication skills, creativity, and a sense of calmness is what separates a successful event planner from an average, or rather a bad one. Planning any important event such as a wedding, a corporate gathering, etc. is a huge task requiring a number of responsibilities where things could go out […]

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Essentials of an Indian in wedding in New York

Indian wedding in New York

While some people are more than happy with just the fact that they getting married, most of them want to make their weddings the most memorable and exciting day of their lives such that it wows their guests. Successfully pulling of such a spectacular wedding can be a difficult tasks and you might be better […]

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Planning Food for an Indian Wedding in NY

Food for an Indian Wedding

Food at Indian weddings is probably the most important element of the whole event, especially for the guests. The amount of food that is cooked during an Indian wedding is enough to feed an entire army and the goal is to make sure each guest is satisfied with the food. The best Indian wedding caterers […]

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6 Best Red Wedding Ideas for an Indian Wedding in NY

Wedding Ideas for an Indian Wedding

No traditional Indian wedding is complete without the color red. The combination of red with mostly gold is what makes an essential part of any Indian wedding. Red outfit. Red roses. Red mandap. This bright color is the essence of any wedding. If you’re planning to go all traditional on your big day, here are […]

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10 Fun Ideas for a Desi Indian Wedding in NY

Fun Ideas for a Desi Indian Wedding

Bursts of color, music, glamor, lights, ornaments, and marigolds, with laughter, food and wine make the perfect ingredients of a desi Indian wedding. If you’re looking for some fun ideas to add more masala and flavor to your traditional Indian wedding in NY, then check out the list we’ve compiled below. If not all, you […]

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Contemporary Décor Ideas for a Low-Budget Indian Wedding

Contemporary Décor Ideas

A wedding without décor is like a flower without fragrance. So, even if it is a low-budget wedding, you must add a dash of decoration to enhance the ambience of your wedding. Of course, the expensive décor options can affect your budget wedding, but you can still go for simple decorations to adorn your mega […]

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Revamp Your Indian Wedding with New Décor Ideas in NY

Indian Wedding Decoration Ideas

An Indian wedding is a combination of rituals, ceremonies and celebrations. It is, thus, a blend of beautiful colors and ethereal decorations. Decorations, in fact, give a life to an Indian wedding. They play a major role in creating and enriching the ambience and could completely mesmerize the couple and guests.  However, it is important […]

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