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Glamorous Event Planners is an events management and destination wedding planning company with operations in Thailand and many other locations around the globe. We specialize in creating immersive wedding experiences for our clients. Our top industry professionals are excelled in planning the décor, entertainment, and everything beyond for both corporate and private clients.

At Glamorous we rely on the concept of starting all over again without looking back. For us each event is new and the need to come up with a unique concept is always present. This is what makes us different from others in the business, as our team never runs out of ideas and always have something never-seen-before to offer out of the box. Let it be a wedding, a corporate event, or any social gatherings, the style, emotion, and ambience comes in their distinguished style.

Our team of destination wedding planners’ promises a stress-free and heaven-esque experience for its clients regardless of the type of wedding they want.

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