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While destination wedding planning now seems different, but you can still have a wedding that is completely you. A wedding of this category may involve only the two of you along with some family members where you can travel to your dream location such as India or some other exotic places. Glamorous Event Planners guarantees you benefits including:

1. A Stress-Free Destination Wedding in India

Undoubtedly such weddings are quite popular due to the main reason planning is much simpler and faster as compared to traditional weddings.

2. A Cost-Effective Wedding

The thought of flying to your favorite destination and having your wedding in a deluxe manner in as much as few thousand dollars is surely tempting and a cost-effective approach. Compare with an in-city wedding calling around 200 guests that will easily cost you around $30,000, while the amount can skyrocket to $100,000 or more in case of expensive large cities.

3. Have It Your Own Way

Keeping the dignity of your culture and ancestral ways is nice thing, but there’s no harm in having your big day as per your desires and choices.

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