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A destination wedding is a great way to create memories of having the most important day of your life in exotic and natural locations around the globe. Our team of destination wedding planning in Miami is dedicated in crafting an experience of a lifetime for its clients let it be a wedding reception, a corporate event or even a simple formal gathering.

Glamorous envisions and works by producing and directing some of the most prestigious events in the entertainment industry. Our skilled team incorporates their immense experience ranging from general consultations, simple decorations, extensive planning to final wrap ups of events. We have successfully handled events of different scale and nature such as weddings, birthday parties, engagements, charity, and celebrity appearances. Creating extraordinary ambience and experiences is something we are accustomed at where the best thing about our work is we always have something new to offer.

Our destination wedding planners do not follow the same trend and pattern used in the last event, but are up with a totally new concept and ideas to implement.

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