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What’s more exciting than a regular party? The answer to this question can be quite surprising, and if you guessed it’s a theme party – you – my friend – are great at guessing! Believe or not, theme parties can leave a lasting memory for you, your friends and family members. However, trying to come up with great theme party ideas can be a mind-boggling task. Luckily, the following set of suggestions will help you can better decide which theme party to select. However, no matter what theme party you wish to setup, you can rest assured your Theme Party in New York will be a success if you hire a professional to manage it. So, without further deliberation, here are some great theme party ideas:

Arabian Night Party:

With an Arabian night party, you can setup Arabian tents in an open field and hire an Arabian DJ who will play the most popular Arabian music. You can hire a belly dancer(s) who will entertain your guests with their moves. You can also tell all your guests to dress as Arabs, they could wear the kandora and agal which is the traditional attire in Khaleeji countries. For dinner, you can setup a majlis where an Arab chef will prepare the traditional mandi (steamed rice with steamed lamb or camel meat). In a majlis a group of 5 to 6 individuals sit together on the bare floor and eat from the same plate. This act of communal eating creates a sense of comorbidity and brotherhood.

1980’S Nostalgia Party:

If you were born in the 60’s or the 70’s you probably enjoyed the 80’s. The 80’s were one of the most memorable eras of our time. From Michael Jackson hits to Madonna’s one hit wonders, having an 80’s theme party will certainly be nothing short of going back in time – think back to the future! All your guests can wear dress up looking like they live in the 80’s. For example, you can have everyone wear a fanny pack with T-shirts with slogans such as ‘I am with stupid’. For your male friends who have long hair, tell them to get a mullet hair cut which signifies business in the front, party at the back. For women, you can ask them to wear scrunches with oversize earnings. To go all out with the 80’s look, you can make it mandatory for everyone to dress in spandex.

Mexican Fiesta:

Think all things Mexican, and yes this includes Mexican margarita, Mexican salsa, perhaps a piñata. Authentic Mexican food and yes, everyone dressed up in traditional Mexican attire such as Mexican ponchos with Mexican hats. To turn up the fun, you can arrange a Mexican hat dance party where men dance with their women. Although, this type of dance requires extensive training and knowledge on the various dance moves, thus it’s great idea to take Mexican dance classes before you can have a party.