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Wedding Planner New York and New Jersey

Wedding, which is the name of a new beginning, has to be spectacular, and to make this mega event of life royal and blissful, our wedding planners in Long Island, New York and New Jersey offer their special services and assistance to marrying couples.

Our wedding organizers are not only professional, but informed and innovative as well. So, if your wedding bells are ringing, contact them to make your wedding event beautiful and memorable.

Wedding Event & Planning

Wedding Planner New York

Wedding event encompasses a lot of preparations, planning, shopping and coordinating with the vendors. It is quite a head ache when you do it all by yourself. It consumes time, creates panic, and makes you feel exhausted by the time your wedding takes place. Our wedding specialists, however, can keep you from running here and there by providing their comprehensive assistance and services so that you feel less burdened and invigorated on your big day.

What Do They Do?

Wedding Planner New Jersey

Taking complete responsibility of wedding event planning, our wedding planners remain in touch with would-be couples from beginning till the end to achieve desired results. By performing following duties, they make a wedding event stress-free for a marrying couple:

Meeting with the couple: When you decide to hire our wedding organizers, they start off with a meeting to know your ideas and choices. How you want your wedding to be is best conveyed when you tell your requirements, likes and dislikes to them. When you give details about how your wedding event should be, they review the allocated budget and fulfill your wishes accordingly.

Wedding Management & Reminders: Wedding organizers at Glamorous Event Planners offer their assistance pre and post wedding to make sure that everything takes place in an effective manner. They contact vendors i.e. caterers, florists, decorators, musicians, etc. and review their profiles so that you get the best quality of food and scented ambience on your wedding day.

On your wedding day, they make sure that vendors arrive at the right time and deliver their services as told.

Of course, being a bride and groom you need to look fabulous on the occasion of your wedding. Our wedding specialists help you in finding the best stylists, designers, and beauty salons in long island, NY and NJ and arrange your appointments with them. Also, they remind you of your appointments so that you don’t miss out your important meetings with them.

Negotiations: If you’re unable to settle on choice of florists, caterers, salon, etc. with your would be partner or your family members, our wedding managers help in settling your arguments by offering their suggestions as their negotiation skills are phenomenal.

Your wedding day ceremonies, arrangements and activities can be best managed and coordinated by our wedding planning professionals because they provide reliable vendor referrals and make sure that everything is delivered at the right place and right time. Moreover, they make certain that guests get seated comfortably and enjoy the wedding.

Our wedding planners in Long Island, NY and NJ offer a lot more. Consult them to make your wedding well organized and marvelous.