Wedding Planner New York And New Jersey

Wedding Planner

Wedding Planner New York And New Jersey

Wedding, which is the name of a new beginning, has to be spectacular, and to make this mega event of life royal and blissful, our wedding planners in Long Island, New York and New Jersey offer their special services and assistance to marrying couples.

Our wedding organizers are not only professional, but informed and innovative as well. So, if your wedding bells are ringing, contact them to make your wedding event beautiful and memorable.

Wedding Event & Planning

Wedding Event and Planning

Wedding event encompasses a lot of preparations, planning, shopping and coordinating with the vendors. It is quite a head ache when you do it all by yourself. It consumes time, creates panic, and makes you feel exhausted by the time your wedding takes place. Our wedding specialists, however, can keep you from running here and there by providing their comprehensive assistance and services so that you feel less burdened and invigorated on your big day.

What Do They Do?

What Do They Do

Alright, here’s what our wedding planners do! They stay in constant touch with the to-be couples and inquire about their needs and choices. By conducting the tasks with optimum professionalism, our objective is to make the wedding events as relaxed and stress-free as possible. To achieve this, we undergo the following process:

First meeting with the to-be-wedded couple: We will conduct the first meeting with you to discuss your plan and ideas in details. We will ask all about requirements, dos and don’ts, to clearly present your vision with no aspect left behind. When our wedding planner presents a plan as to how your wedding should flow, they will study your budget and devise how best it could be allocated to get the best out of your big day.

Wedding Management & Reminders: Our wedding organizers at Glamorous Event Planners ensure that everything runs as orchestrated for both pre- and post-event hours. They timely contact the vendors i.e. caterers, florists, decorators, musicians, etc. and study their profiles carefully to see they are the best fit for that particular event and do their job with perfect accordance.

On the wedding day itself, our planners will strictly see all the vendors are at the venue on time and doing their duty as promised.

Obviously, the bride and groom must display the most mesmerizing and breathtaking appearance on their wedding day. Realizing the need, our wedding specialists will find and book the best stylists, makeup artists, and designers in Long Island, NY and NJ. Given the joy and nervousness for your big day, it’s quite normal for a couple to run behind their scheduled appointments in salons sometimes. So this work of reminding you of your appointments also falls as the responsibility of our wedding organizers.

Negotiations: If somewhat you are unable to land on the same page for choices of salon, stylists, florists, etc. with your significant other or family members and friends, it is our job to settle the debate in the most feasible manner as to make the situation a win-win for all.

Your wedding day activities, ceremonies, and improvisations can be reliably managed and coordinated at the hands of our wedding planners due to their extensive network to hire top vendors and will monitor everything is going at the right pace in the right direction. As for the guests, their pure comfort and experience is also our guarantee.

Our wedding planners in Long Island, NY and NJ has a lot more to present than you can imagine. So hiring them is all you want to have the most captivating and marvelous wedding ever!