10 Fun Ideas for a Desi Indian Wedding in NY

January 27, 2016

Bursts of color, music, glamor, lights, ornaments, and marigolds, with laughter, food and wine make the perfect ingredients of a desi Indian wedding. If you’re looking for some fun ideas to add more masala and flavor to your traditional Desi Indian wedding in NY, then check out the list we’ve compiled below. If not all, you can incorporate at least a few of them to spark up some more fun on your special day!

10 Tips to Plan a Desi Indian Wedding

1. Add a Fun Photo Booth

A photo booth is a great idea to add more fun to the photo sessions at a wedding. Your friends and family will love it! You can decorate the booth with garlands, marigolds, flowers, paper cutouts, or just use a nicely carved frame to give a traditional Indian feel to the photos.
2. Colorful Props and Placards
Use vibrant colors like red, yellow, orange, and bright pink for the props and cutouts to add a desi flavor to the props. Also, cut out placards in traditional Indian designs to further enhance the look. Write fun messages on placards: “just married”, “dulhania”, “dulha”, “patakha”, “drama queen”, “mein tera hero”, “desi girl”, etc – when you think of what to write on the placards, let your creative juices flow!
3. A Diy Gol-gappa Bar!
Golgappas, or Pani Puri – whatever you choose to call it – it all tastes the same and delicious! Just put the ingredients together and let your guests make their own gol gappas – let them have as many as they like – five, ten, or fifteen! This will add more fun to the event and give your guests a chance to break the ice while they treat themselves to a mouthful of gol gappas!

4. A Desi Truck Bar for Drinks

There’s nothing like a desi truck bar offering free drinks and cocktails to your guests. The desi truck idea is a great one and easy to implement. The vibrant colors and bright hues of the truck decorations blend well with the desi or traditional Indian wedding theme. You may choose to offer drinks in mason jars, or traditional Indian cocktail glasses. Or you may choose glasses in vibrant hues to go with the theme.

5. Double up Coasters as Dj Request Cards

An exciting way to add fun (and save up on costs) is to double up the coasters as DJ service requests. Let your guests use the coasters and then later fill them out with their favorite song and put it in the request box for the DJ to play!

6. Let the Groom Make a Royal Entrance on a Horseback

There’s nothing more desi than the groom making a grand entrance to the wedding on horseback. You may even choose an elephant instead – or just use a Victoria buggy decorated in traditional eastern art in vibrant colors.

7. Give Dancing Chappals for Wedding Favors

The after wedding party can last the entire night- so make your guests comfortable by offering dancing chappals for wedding favors – let them do away with high heels and shoes! Once they put them on, they’re for your guests to keep! A pair of chappals or slippers is a great gift. Your guests will dance their heart out, rock the dance floor and remember your wedding for a very long time – at least each time they wear those slippers!

8. Choose Marigolds for Your Mandap Décor

When you call for a traditional Desi Indian wedding, the mandap has got to be the most elegant yet the most traditional part of your décor. A mandap is usually the focus point of the décor, and must be carefully designed. Opt for bright reds, golds and yellows to use for décor. Use marigolds, lotus, roses, and tulips. You may also use drapes in bright hues to stick to the desi theme. Check these themes of Desi Indian Wedding by Clicking Here!

9. Desi Snack Bar

What is an Indian wedding without a desi snack bar? While everything else winds up, let the snack bar stay till late in the night so the guests can help themselves to some midnight munching. Opt for budget friendly snacks like popcorn, chips and other such no-mess finger foods. It will keeps your guests happy and your pocket too!

10. Traditional Cake Design

There’s got to be a wedding cake to celebrate the special occasion. Whether it is multi-tiered or not, make sure to have it decorated in traditional colors. A red or gold cake, or a vibrant colored cake can complete the ultimate desi look of the entire wedding. Glamorous Event Planners in NY have Indian Wedding Planners on board who make your dream wedding a sensational reality! We offer Indian wedding event planners, party planners, and day of wedding coordinators who take care of everything from end to end while you relax and enjoy your special day with your family and loved ones!