5 Overlooked Advice for Outdoor Entertaining

August 15, 2014

It’s the last few months of warm weather for most of the country, and you want to take advantage by planning an outdoor event. Beyond just the weather, Sunita offers some often overlooked advice for your sunshine soiree. 1)   Rent a Generator: If you event is planned in your backyard and you have a DJ with a sound system, some outdoor lighting and cooling fans, chances are you home electrical supply will overload with all the extra demand. Avoid power disruption by renting an extra generator. It’s easy to set up and can be rented on average for $500. In Hicksville, NY try Onsite Energy. 2)   Keep Your Guests Cool. Remember that your guest are going to dressed in their South Asian finest which means tons of heavy embroideries, layered fabrics and embellishments. Combined with alcohol, spicy foods and dancing, your guests are going to need to be kept seriously cool. Onsite Energy also rents outdoor air conditioners for about $1500 for a 12-ton unit, big enough to cool one tent. 3)   Rent a Tent: With July and August being the most wet in terms of yearly rainfall, having a Plan B for your outdoor event is a must. Factor in the cost of a tent rental for your event and confirm with them 1-week prior to your date once you have checked the weather. Expect a 20×50 foot to rent for about $600 and you can book as little as one week prior to the event, depending on availability. Keep in mind though, that other people may be booking for the same weather-related reason as you and so, it makes sense to make the booking as soon as you can. Glamorous Event Planners can help with tent rentals. 4)   Banish the Bugs: Nothing will chase off a crowd faster than an infestation of mosquitos. Although you can’t get rid of all of them, there are a few steps you can take to ensure a bite-proof event. One day prior to the event, have the area treated with a mosquito-repellent. Doug’s Bugs, located in Hicksville, offers treatments ranging from $300-$600. On the day of your event, you can also add citronella candles and torches or pretty Therma-cell lanterns into you décor. 5)   Heel Help: Your lady guests will undoubtedly we wearing heels to your event, but when the party is held on the grass, this can lead to serious sinkage. Save your guests (and your grass) but letting them know that the event is being held on a soft surface and for them to wear appropriate shoes. Or, you can have a basketful of flipflops on hand for those guests who wish to ditch the shoes in favor of more comfortable digs.