5 Spine-Chilling Halloween Party Themes!

October 20, 2015

Are you researching on various Halloween party themes? Do you want the guests to remember the party for a long time? Are you in search of creative ideas to make your Halloween party creepier? Then hop on – we’ve got some spooktacular Halloween party theme ideas for you!

Check the list of Halloween Party Themes

Halloween Decoration Ideas: Day of the Dead Party

Make this Halloween deadly for your guests! Use skulls, dark lights, and jack-o-lanterns that will give the bone-chilling feel to your party! Add spooky music to add to the event’s theme. Check out dead party theme tableware at supermarkets; you’ll definitely find something spooktacular to go with the theme! Ask guests to dress up in the deadliest costumes- they’ll love it and so will you! Use a table cloth with a large skull on it in the center. Also, do away with the carpet for a day if you have them in your home and let guests walk on wood floors – the natural creak sound from the floor will add to the creepiness of the party!

Adult Halloween Party: Spooky Forest Party

Whether you’re planning a party for kids, teens, or adults – the spooky forest party theme is a great idea! Convert your home into a spooky forest by making cutouts of bats, witches, brooms and all things spooky! Opt for black, white, and grey colors to go together with the eerie feel of Halloween. Use black spray paint for dark and scary tree branches made of cardboard or paper. Add a touch of fluorescent green or bright orange to complete the Halloween look! Use jack-o-lantern bowls to place treats and sweets. Add spiders hanging from tree branches to complete the creepy feel!
Costume Halloween Party Themes
While most people will come dressed up in their eeriest attire for Halloween, there are always a few who walk in without effort for a costume party. So how do you make sure everyone’s fashioned to frighten in their best outfits? Don’t let anyone get away without dressing up the part at the party – keep a Halloween costume station with spooky glasses, brooms, flash cards with spooky notes and phrases. This will get everyone dressed up perfectly for the Halloween party and will be a great way to keep the guests busy too!
Magical Halloween Buffet Party
Cast your magic on the buffet table with some delicious Halloween food recipes, served in jack-o-lantern jars and spooky skeleton plates. Add some tricks and treats on the table to make the buffet table exciting for the guests, especially kids. Food is a prime ingredient in the recipe of a successful event, so make sure you don’t compromise on the food quality. Add evil eggs, or freaky fries, creepy cakes or devilish desserts! Twist the names of the dishes to make it more exciting, and work on the special spooky Halloween décor to complete the look of the party!
Jack-O-Lantern Theme Party
A little less spooky, and a little more orange, this theme is great for kids' Halloween parties! Go for orange tableware and couple it with black and white. Decorate your party area with bats made out of paper cutouts, jack-o-lanterns placed at the entrance and at random places. Also use orange treats, cheesy baked finger bread, alien apples, spooky eyeball candies, etc. Don’t make it too scary, else the kids will be a little too scared and that may not be too much fun for you as parents! Have a look at the Halloween party theme ideas by clicking Here! Whether you’re thinking of hosting a Halloween theme party in NY or anywhere else, make sure you use lots of Halloween colors in your ambiance, and the right colors on your table to make all the tricks and treats appetizing! At Glamorous Event Planners, we have the best Themed party planners in NY who can arrange a spooktacular Halloween theme party for you that will give you the creeps!