5 Ways to Add Hot Pink and Orange

September 5, 2014

Fall wedding festivities reflect the jewel-toned colors of the season. Add an element of surprise with a vibrant color theme of hot pink and orange. From bridal showers, Sangeets and to Indian wedding ceremonies and receptions, this cheerful combination looks fresh for fall. Here are five tips for incorporating these colors into your events.

1. Candy Crush

Incorporate the vibrant colors of orange and hot pink into a fun and delicious candy bar that your guests will enjoy and can take home as favors. Add in lots of yummy sweet treats like crystal rock candy pops, cake pops, gumballs and shimmer chocolate candies and arrange them into various clear containers or glasses. Decorate it up with a beautiful pin tuck overlay and fresh flowers.

2. Roses are Orange

Fresh flowers are a must for any wedding, and hot pink trays full of orange roses create a fresh and romantic feel for Mehndi and Sangeet parties. It’s an easy décor idea that can be reused as rose petals for the next day’s event.

3. Flower Power

Hot pink and orange pin tuck tablecloths add a pop of color with coordinating floral centerpieces. Sprinkle orange rose petals on hot pink tablecloths to create a sunset color palate! Add in votive candles to further create a warm glow.

4. Staged Up

Jeweled toned chiffon swags with fresh flowers and strands of fun little round mirrors create a charming backdrop for a ceremony or Sangeet party. Include some fancy matching hot pink floor cushions to create a little seating area for the bride and groom. It’s a modern take on old-school regality.

5. Picture Perfect

At any event there are lots of pictures. Create your own backdrop with a pop-up step and repeat banner with her name and the date of the bridal shower with hearts in her theme colors. It will look so very-red-carpet for all those insta pictures. Don’t forget the hash tag: #fabulous