A Guide to Holding a Grand Indian Wedding in New York

January 28, 2015

Indian wedding implies a lot of work and arrangements. Planning an Indian wedding is never simple since it involves many ceremonies and rituals. Hire a wedding planner to make everything function smoother from contacting vendors to decorations, an Indian wedding demands a lot of effort, particularly when a bride or groom wants to hold a grand and extravagant marriage ceremony. As an Indian Wedding is a mega event in a couple’s life, it has to be scenic from all aspects. Following are some guidelines to help you in arranging a splendid and impressive Indian wedding.
Make a List of Activity for the Wedding Planner!
Preparations start with a pen and paper. After the wedding date, day and time are fixed, there are numerous things that need to be done. Begin the preparations by noting down the wedding tasks so that you know how much time should you allocate to every task and what needs to be done first. Make the shopping list and a list of guests, search and book the venue, plan the menu, theme, etc. and finalize what you want and what you don’t.

Hire a Wedding Planner for Smooth Execution

The best advice for a couple, who’s going to tie the knot soon, is to hire an Indian wedding planner. It is because a wedding planner knows his job and is familiar with different wedding styles. He/she clearly understands your requirements and choices and does the arrangements accordingly. The wedding planners help you in selecting the most reliable and famous vendors who promise to deliver quality and uniqueness. He/she actually takes the whole headache of all wedding arrangements and makes sure that a marriage ceremony takes place as it is planned. Food, décor, DJ, and music can be well handled by a wedding planner. Discuss your ideas and plans as much as you can when you hire a wedding planner and keep him/her in the loop throughout for best results. Check out the unique wedding design ideas from Lifestyle Asia, Click Here!

Contact an Indian Event and Wedding Planner

An Indian Wedding is much more than exchanging garlands and delicious food. A traditional and typical Indian wedding encompasses some pre-marriage functions and post-marriage ceremonies. An Indian wedding, therefore, is a huge event and extends over few days. You might want your ‘Sangeet’ (music function) to be striking and unique and based on some theme. Event planners play a significant role in making Sangeet and different events of your wedding exciting, colorful, and memorable. They act as consultants and managers of your event and try their best to meet your expectation. Mandap decorations, dance stage, lighting and special effects, and much more are best handled by event planners. A wedding day is a big day in a couple’s life when everything has to be impeccable. Glamorous Event Planners promise to make your wedding perfectly Indian and exceptional.

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