ALOHA! Birthday party planning ideas for your next event

June 29, 2015

When Salonia wanted to do something special for her husband’s happy birthday party, this loving and dedicated wife called Glamorous with an idea – a luau. To translate her vision into a reality, Glamorous researched all the traditional and some of the unconventional activities of this time-honored Polynesian festivity. From young coconuts and tropical flowers to grass skirts and fire performers, Glamorous brought Hawaii to New York for Tarun’s birthday party. Guests were greeted at the door with an aloha, a lei, and hibiscus flowers. Tiki torches lit the way into an island getaway, where hula girls in grass skirts served piña coladas in coconuts. Performers executed mind-blowing fire poi tricks that stunned the guests away. Colorful cabanas and lanterns brought a Maui feel to the party. Guests and most importantly, the guest of honor, Tarun, felt transported to a tropical Hawaiian paradise. “The best part of the night was definitely the …” The planning was meticulous. From the tiki bar to the cabanas, everything had to be measured, assembled and placed fittingly. The lighting had to match the evening’s mood perfectly, from sunset to sunrise. The details really helped tie the event together, whether Don’t try this one at home! it was young coconuts filled with tropical cocktails or the tiki statues and leis. Glamorous personalized the event in many ways, but most memorably, by integrating the birthday boy’s name in a special performance. Even the weather cooperated and took on a tropical twist. The dancers, the hula girls, and the cocktails kept the party popping and kept the guests entertained until 5:00 AM. It was an ultimate luau experience.

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