‘6’ Cool Birthday Party Themes Your Teen Would Absolutely Love

September 6, 2019

If you’ve got a teenager at home it’s most likely you’ll agree with us when we say that teenagers are extremely hard to please and can be really fussy at times. No matter how hard you try, one thing or the other makes them upset. This year you are planning to make their Happy Birthday Party the happiest ever than read the article. With the clash of adolescence and puberty, parents have a huge load on their shoulders when it comes to throwing their teen the most amazing birthday party ever. While many may feel the need to pull their hair off during such an important event in their kid’s life, Glamorous Event Planners and Productions is here to save the day! (And your hair)

Birthday Party Planning & Supplies Tips

We’ve compiled a list of cool birthday party ideas that your teenager will absolutely adore. Browse through these ideas and select the one that you think will most complement your teen’s personality.

1. A Bonfire Party

A bonfire party Image Source: Unsplash/Tegan Mierle

Does your teenager love the outdoors, music and bonfire? Why not arrange for them a bonfire party? A bonfire party is sure to impress your teen if they love music, a night out with friends, cozy sitting and roasted marshmallows. Hand us your décor requirements and we’ll make sure your kid gets the party of the year!

2. A Carnival Party

A carnival party Image Source: Unsplash/Miles Storey

If your teen is the fun-loving and outgoing type, this birthday party idea is a sure to be hit. With several bright colored balloons, patio furniture with umbrella over and it and streamers of various colors, and an unlimited supply of popcorn, cotton candy and cake, your lively teen will absolutely be thrilled.
3. An Instagram- Happy Birthday Balloon

An Instagram Themed Party Image Source: Unsplash/Adi Goldstein

Does your teen have the potential of being the next top influencer on Instagram? This birthday party theme will be one of the most exciting of parties in your social media savvy kid’s life. We’ll adorn the place with Instagram icons, photo props and the facility to provide printable photo for the guests. Check out the list of Birthday Party Balloons HERE!
4. A Hawaiian-Themed Party

A Hawaiian Themed Party Image Source: Unsplash/Samantha Gades

Does your kid love summers, punch in coconut shells and flower necklaces? Throw them a luau or Hawaiian-themed birthday party where they can unwind with their friends while hula dancing to some Hawaiian music.

5. A Spa-Themed Party

A Spa Themed Party Image Source: Unsplash/Kristina Balić

Let your teenager girl have some relaxation time with her girlfriends at our spa-themed party. With aromatic oils, scented candles, face towels and soothing lights, this theme is sure to be one of a kind when it comes to birthday parties.

6. A Runway-Themed Party

A Runway Themed Party Image Source: Unsplash/Michael Lee

This party theme is for your teen fashionista where she and her friends can spend a day like models. With upbeat music, a long runway and cameras clicking photos away, this birthday party theme is sure to be a fun event in your teen’s life. Birthday parties are events that take place every year, however, if you want to surprise you want to make your teen feel extra special on their birthday, follow one of these amazing ideas, mix and match and personalize according to your teen’s preferences and leave the rest to us. Moreover, if you have another amazing themed party décor, share it with us and we’ll make sure to execute it with utter perfection.