Fun Ways To Celebrate Birthdays While Social Distancing

July 2, 2020

The coronavirus has put a halt to so many occasions and celebrations—events, weddings, wedding anniversaries, gatherings, etc. have all been canceled to maintain social distancing. A birthday planner like Glamourous events has faced a lot of loss in the pandemic and has some great tips for you. Kids especially have felt the most disappointed due to closed schools, and recreational clubs, and now they can’t even have friends over to celebrate their birthday! If you have a kid or young adult in your life whose birthday is coming up soon, and you’d like to give them a little celebration while social distancing, this blog is for you. Glamorous Event Planners and Productions give you a few fun ways to celebrate birthdays while maintaining social distancing.

Birthday Planner Fun Ideas

Here are a few ways you can celebrate the birthday of your kid or young adult during quarantine season.

Birthday Event Planners Ideas on Car Parades

You may have already seen these birthday car parades on social media by now. These have become quite popular ever since quarantine season began, and are a sure fun way to celebrate your child’s birthday. Coordinate with your friends and family who could drive by your home and say happy birthday to your kid. You may even have the vehicle decorated with streamers and balloons to make for a fun and exciting parade. Have A Zoom, Facetime, Or Google Hangout Party! This little birthday idea is for both the kids and young adults—have a virtual party on any of the video chat apps and invite your friends and family to join. You may decorate your place with balloons, ribbons, banners, etc., and prepare to have the cake. Virtual parties allow you to have your loved ones at one place to celebrate your special occasion. For a little more convenience for your guests, let them know beforehand the start and end time for your virtual party.

Birthday Organizers Care Packages

Care packages aren’t anything new but are a way to make the birthday of your loved one special. The young adults in your life who may not be willing to have a virtual party with too many people may cherish a care package instead. You may fill a basket with as many goodies as you want that you think your loved one will appreciate. You may consider things, such as your loved one's hobbies or interests, and your budget to fill the basket accordingly.
Planning a Birthday Party Gift of Personalized Video
A birthday video is another great idea to make your loved one feel special. You may ask your family and your loved one’s friends to make a short video or have their picture taken with a short message or birthday sign and send it to you. You may combine the clips to create a sweet birthday video for your loved one that you can enjoy watching while having cake!

Self-care/Spa/Treat Yourself Day

If your loved one loves to pamper themselves, why not throw them a self-care/spa/treat yourself a day? You may have self-care items, such as bath bombs, sheet masks, mani/Pedi kits arranged at home to have a spa/self-care day, or have a relaxed movie night with their favorite candies and treats for a treat yourself day!
Fancy Tea Party or Dinner
Decorate your dining table with a beautiful tablescape and take out your fancy china to celebrate your loved one’s birthday. You may have the birthday planner help you in making guy or gal’s favorite foods and refreshments and have a nice and warm conversation at the dining table. Oh, and don’t forget the cake!

Looking for a Birthday Party Planners near me?

Reach out to Glamorous Event Planners and Productions to have an exotic birthday party! Having a birthday party during this quarantine season may seem impossible; however, with our ideas, you can have a fun birthday party while social distancing.