Things To Do When You Have To Cancel Your Wedding Due To The Coronavirus Pandemic

August 6, 2020

Ever since the Coronavirus became a pandemic, the CDC has advised postponing all mass gatherings, including wedding management. We get it; this news would have been quite devastating if you’d been planning for your wedding for months or even years, and had paid your vendors. Check out the CDC list of protocols HERE! If you too had to cancel your wedding due to the Coronavirus pandemic, here’s a quick guide on what to do.

Tell Your Planners And Vendors ASAP

The first thing you need to do if you have decided to cancel or postpone your wedding is to inform your planners and vendors as soon as you can. Informing your vendors and planners about the cancellation as soon as you can may ensure that you pay minimum cancellation fee and are able to reschedule the event on a favorable date. In case you have hired a wedding planner, they will contact all the vendors and let them know about the cancellation. Otherwise, you would have to contact each vendor on your own.

Inform Your Guests on postponing the date of Wedding

After your vendors and planners, your loved ones who were invited to your wedding need to know about your decision. Even if you haven’t thought about rescheduling your wedding, informing your guests about postponing your wedding through email, call, or text is crucial so that they may cancel any accommodations or travel. When you have decided on a new date for your wedding, expect a smaller guest list. At this time, be compassionate if some people decide not to travel or show up to your wedding due to the health risks.

Review Your Event and Wedding Insurance

If you had wedding insurance, go over it and contact your insurance agent to know if they have something like this covered. These are unprecedented times, and the chances of wedding insurers having this covered is highly unlikely. However, each plan is different and it is better to go over your plan when you’ve postponed your big day.

Wedding Management needs you to be Be Flexible

When rescheduling your wedding day, be flexible and considerate. If you had scheduled your wedding on a Sunday, getting another Sunday later this year may be difficult, considering the fact that most gatherings have been postponed and are getting rescheduled. Wedding management will demand to change the process and make sure everything is happening in a uniform way.

Grieve Over It!

Of course, your wedding day was (and still is) one of the most important days of your life. Cancelling such an important event must be very disappointing and painful. Give yourself time to grieve over it. We know that times are quite difficult for many people; however, this is not a competition, and your suffering is valid. Take all the time in the world to adjust to what’s going on, and we hope it gets better for all of us!
Celebrate Your Luxury Wedding Day Anyway
If you’d like to have the wedding still with a smaller gathering, or even no gathering, absolutely go for it! If you have postponed it for a later day, consider celebrating your supposedly wedding day in a meaningful way for you and your partner.

Wrapping Up

Postponing your wedding to later this year or even the next year because of the Coronavirus pandemic must have been very difficult for you. Glamorous Event Planners and Productions provided a few ways you can cope with this situation. We hope you found this blog useful and will find a way that will work out for you!