Contemporary Décor Ideas for a Low-Budget Indian Wedding

August 3, 2015

A wedding without décor is like a flower without fragrance. So, even if it is a low-budget Indian wedding decor, you must add a dash of decoration to enhance the ambience of your wedding. Of course, the expensive décor options can affect your budget wedding, but you can still go for simple decorations to adorn your mega event. While you might be worrying about the cost of contemporary décor, some low-cost decorations never get old and can enrich your wedding with colors, beauty and fragrance.

Can you think of any cheap yet contemporary Indian Wedding decor?

Your budget shouldn’t keep you from holding your dream wedding as the following décor ideas will cohere well with your limited budget:

In-Season Flowers

Flowers are a natural décor without which every big and small wedding looks incomplete. So, choose the in-season flowers while on a budget and beautify your wedding event with blooms of the season such as blushing bride, roses, freesia, calla lilies, mini cymbidium orchids and mokara orchids.  There are so many beautiful flowers in season that you can use to decorate the wedding venue and Mandap. Make sure to choose wildflowers to add originality or just go for artificial silk flowers as they would be very economical and can be reused unlike natural flowers which droop over a period of time. So, choose from artificial and natural varieties, whichever you find within your budget. Remember ignoring the flowery décor is the death of your wedding


A candlelit dinner is one of the popular romantic ideas around the globe. So, why not use them on your wedding too? Candles give both the vintage and romantic touches to a wedding. All you need to do it is place them rightly and creatively at the venue; on the stage; and on the tables as centerpieces. There is no limit to using the candles, but make sure that it doesn’t get too much.  So, spiff up your wedding with ever green and bright candles to give an effervescent effect. Use tea lights and votive candles and leave an everlasting impression on your guests with this pocket-friendly décor.
Paper Lanterns
Paper lanterns aren’t only an economical décor, but the most versatile option too. It is because they look as pretty in the day time as they look at night. Thus, what could be more breathtaking and prettier than paper lanterns hanging in the air with scintillating candles and tea light

Some Original Stuff

Okay, the best budget-maintaining idea is to use some unique yet inexpensive things as décor.  You may not need to buy them at all as you can be original and use colorful umbrellas or fairy lights or drapes to enhance the ambiance of your wedding. While such décor will beautify your wedding, you will be able to meet your limited budget too. Remember, you can hang DIY décor items too, which would make your wedding a memorable event for you and your family. So, be quirky and creative. Contemporary Indian wedding decoration could be expensive, but these ideas will enrich and enhance your wedding in a cost-effective way. Don’t you find them fascinating? Glamorous Event Planners specializes in meeting multiple demands of the clients and provides the desired décor for their wedding.