Contemporary Meets Traditional – 5 Dresses for The Fashionista Bride to Be

September 24, 2014

Wedding planning can be exhausting especially if you have little time to prepare for the big day. Therefore, wedding planners offer their flawless services to free you of stress. They help you plan everything from your dress, rings, caterers, venue décor – everything is taken care of. Today, brides want to have unique dresses that incorporate modern and traditional elements such as a hybrid between a lehenga and a skirt, a choli and a crop top. While a special bridal dress has its own importance, some pre-wedding party dresses are no less important. Check them out here:

Crop Top + Lehenga

An embroided crop top with a lehenga in a flowy material looks beautiful. This is often worn without a veil (dupatta) which gives it the perfect contemporary look. The embroided top remains the center of attention and thus doesn’t require many accessories to go with it. At most, pearl studs in the ears can be the perfect jewelry item to get a complete look.

Gown  + Saari

Who knew wearing sari would be so easy? A gown sari is a wonderful alternative to the traditional Indian sari that takes a lot of practice to learn how to wear it perfectly. The gown sari is actually a long gown that looks like a sari, as it has the veil going down from one shoulder with heavy or light embroidery. This can go well as any pre-wedding cocktail party dress and even for a bridal dress!

Traditionalized Jumpsuit

The jumpsuit has caught a lot of attention lately and all celebrities are flaunting beautiful jumpsuits on various red carpet occasions. A traditionalized version of the jumpsuit with embroidery on it can be just the right option for a bridal party, bridal shower or any other pre-wedding festivities.

Maxi Dress

The maxi dress is absolute love. The gorgeous floor length gown or maxi takes elements of the skirt and the lehenga to form a one piece outfit that has got to be the most comfortable yet flawless east-meets-west dress option for the fashionista bride to be. The maxi dress is worn without a dupatta which gives it the perfect western feel with hints of traditional style.

The Slit Long Shirt + Tights

A long A-line shirt with a high slit off-centre of the shirt combines both modern and traditional dress styles.  Wear it with tights, chooridaar, or lungi, to create a more chic version of the anarkali dress. You may add a dupatta with it to make it more traditional and Indian. These are some stylish options for the fashionista bride to be to flaunt on her pre-wedding festivities and parties.  Worried how to plan a wedding, from clothes, venue, rings, caterers and event décor? We at http://www.glamorouseventplanners.com/Glamorous Event Planners plan your wedding the way you want it while staying right within the budget!