Creative Photo Booth Ideas for a Fun Indian Wedding

October 6, 2014

They say a picture says a thousand words. Well, we certainly believe so when it comes to Indian wedding photos! To make the best of your wedding photos, a photo booth is a brilliant idea. However, the question is: how do you make it creative, engaging, and fun? Here are some brilliant ideas that you could use to bring all the fun and excitement into your wedding photographs with a creative photo booth:


The DSLR is one of the best options for spotless photographs. If you’re looking for crisp and sharp photos bursting with colors, then a DSLR is the one you need. A laptop is an easier option as you can use photo booth software, click away pictures and view them instantly. You can have retakes until you feel you’ve hit the perfect click – and it’s for free!  Alternatively, you can also use a tablet to do the job. For both tablet and DSLR, get a selfie stick or tripod to take pictures unassisted, else find a volunteer.


Lighting plays an important role in how the photos come out. For daytime weddings, natural light is just perfect and the photos will be flawless. However, for indoor events with dark and colorful lighting, you may need to arrange for a light or two to get the best results. Most importantly, the light should be in front of you and never behind you.


There is no fun in a photo booth without props. Use placards with cute words and funny one-liners were written on them. You may also leave some empty ones for guests to leave a message for the bride and groom. You can find a lot of stuff online through party websites or you can make some on your own and have them printed. You can also use ribbons, sashes, funky glasses, hats, and other creative props to add color excitement to the photos. Check out some of the Indian wedding ideas by clicking here!

The Backdrop

Give your photo booth a complete look by adding a funky and fun background. Use ribbons, buntings, cutouts, artwork for a more modern and fun background. While you can also use saris, drapes, or flowers hanging in the background for a more traditional feel. You can also think of other creative ways such as large photo frames as props.

Indian Wedding Engaging Ideas for your Event

Crazy photo booth ideas can light an extra spark of excitement for any wedding! At Glamorous Event Planners, we take care of all your wedding reception and décor needs. Whether you want a creative photo booth for your Indian wedding or traditional Mandap décor in NY for your big day, we can provide you all.