Events Design & Decor

Design is the imaginative process that makes an event unique. It sets the tone for the event. So whether you are looking for a romantic wedding, a glitzy glam party, or a sophisticated corporate event, we help you set the vibe for the entire event with our bespoke design and décor services.

Call us to discuss your unique vision, your style preferences, and your favorite themes.

Our creative event experts will work with you to pull off a party that you’ll forever be in love with. From stages to seating arrangement to draping, to lighting, and centerpieces, we will follow what your heart desires and make it infinitely more spectacular!

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Event Decoration

As a professional event decoration company, we know that the right décor holds all the cards when it comes to a successful event. You could choose the most magical of venues for your dream party but if the décor isn’t doing it, even The Plaza would seem sparse!

So turn up the style in your celebrations and ramp up the glamour! Make your luxurious events even more breathtaking by using custom décor, thematic designs, and tailored ideas. Use our impressively large, and ever-growing décor inventory, to create immersive experiences for you and your guests, at all your events!

As a sought-after event decoration company in NY, NJ, and CT, we run an in-house décor operation. This frees us from relying on vendors or being hostage to the supply chain. By utilizing our décor production house, we ensure that whatever you need is available on demand, and ready for use before the big day.

So, call us at 516-933-2788 and tell us what you need!

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Party Decoration

Creating imaginative and immersive party celebrations has always been our forte. Whether you are planning a Sweet 16, celebrating a professional milestone, or holding an impromptu pizza party to say thanks to some very good friends, we have got you covered!

Call us and see how we dial up the crescendo at your party!

From never-before-seen party favors to entertainment that’ll become the talk of the town, we can do it all. Stunning stage designs, dreamy aesthetics, and seamless execution are what we are known for.

As party decorators extraordinaire, we take on the full responsibility of ensuring a detailed décor full of sensational delights. You’ll find everything for all the senses here. Breathtaking visuals, alluring fragrances, and textures as sinuous as gossamer!

And thanks to our full-scale production house, we can create all of this at home! Our in-house décor inventory, which keeps growing and evolving, allows us to offer the craziest, most amazing ideas to our clients! And then enables us to deliver every element and every detail with absolute perfection.

So, no matter the scale, scope, or style of your festivity, count on our party decoration specialties to create some of the most dazzling celebrations of your life!

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Wedding Reception Decoration

Wedding décor and design experts at Glamorous Event Planners specialize in turning wedding receptions into a cacophony of elegance and beauty. From the first site visit of the venue to the last dance at the after-party, we create wedding reception décor that flows seamlessly from one moment to the next.

With exquisite attention to detail and a professional commitment to excellence, we make sure that every element we use in the wedding décor reflects the unique love story you two have. Combining your shared vision of the wedding with our intelligent creativity, we craft memories that will last you a lifetime.

Since launching more than a decade ago, our wedding décor and design team has had the privilege of creating personalized wedding designs for couples all over the country. We do that by weaving your personal moments into the very fabric of the celebrations. From table settings to floral choices, and from stage design to draperies, we infuse your love story in all the details of the décor.

If you are looking for wedding reception décor and design services that will exceed your expectations, reach out to us at 516-933-2788, and let’s create something beautiful together.

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Corporate Party & Event Decorations

Just as your brand is unique, so must be your corporate events. Specializing in corporate party and event decorations, we turn company gatherings into impactful experiences that leave a lasting impression. Whether you are organizing a celebratory gala, a product launch, a team-building activity, or an important conference, we have what it takes to create nuanced experiences that align with your goals and support your rockstars!

When we create corporate event décor, it becomes an extension of your brand. Seamlessly combining design elements with your brand’s visual aesthetic, we amplify your brand message, support meaningful connections, and motivate your team members. Through innovative ice-breakers and smooth audio-visual operation, we ensure that your guests, team members, and stakeholders have the most wonderful ways to celebrate each others’ successes and improve their professional networking.

At Glamorous Event Planners, we cater to a diverse range of corporate event needs. From single-day events to corporate retreats that run much longer, we have the expertise and background to help you achieve your goals. We can build travel itineraries, book accommodations, and help plan exclusive excursions and events.

Our corporate party decoration services keep your brand and organizational goals at the center of everything we do. Call us at 516-933-2788 today to plan your next corporate event.

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