Destination Wedding Planner

This is where dream wedding meets the beauty of breathtaking locations!

From sun-kissed beaches in Mexico to the rocky moors of Scotland, imagine saying ‘I do!’ with a backdrop of spectacular scenery that adds to the allure of an already unforgettable day!

While as dreamy as destination weddings can be, planning them is no easy feat. There are always a lot of moving parts, and logistics can be complicated. But when you have Sunita and Tejal by your side, hiccups won’t remain hiccups for long.

This talented duo of invincible wedding planners will take every setback and turn it into a roaring success. With passion, attention to detail, and professional commitment, they will create a destination wedding that you can always feel proud of!

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Full-Service Destination Wedding

We always do destination weddings with a full-service menu. This ensures a more seamless management of the entire event with cultural considerations in mind.

The services we offer include:

  1. Travel and logistics
  2. Accommodation
  3. Venue selection and booking
  4. Design and decor
  5. Local partnerships
  6. Timeline and coordination
  7. Guest experience
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Weddings With A Hint Of Wanderlust…

Getting to marry your favorite person ever, in your favorite location ever, is what wonderful dreams are made of! For those who carry a little wanderlust in them, a destination wedding is them telling their partner that a great adventure is about to begin.

We, at Glamorous Event Planners, have been privileged enough to see couples fall for each other more and more as they celebrate their love story in the magic of their chosen location.

Therefore, as we begin our wedding planning for a destination event, we ensure to create flawless experiences that will become cherished memories. We work with you every step of the way, and design events that reflect your shared vision without leaving out quirky character details.

So if you are looking for a perfect destination wedding story, call us today, and let’s start planning.

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