Event Decorator Essentials—A Checklist For Decorating Your Next Event

April 6, 2020

Organizing an event is no easy task—there’s a lot that goes into it, weeks and even months of planning, taking care of schedules, booking vendors, sending out invitations, venue décor and the list goes on. Take a look at the tips and tricks from an event decorator to planning from start to end. A very crucial component of any event is its décor. In fact, it is so important that at Glamorous Event Planners and Productions we have our separate team that handles the event décor. We thought to share a few tips to all the people who are about to organize their event and don’t know how or where to start in décor. Here is a checklist of things you need to take care of in terms of décor for your next event!

An Event Decorator Checklist

Before we get into this, keep in mind that this is a generalized list of decorations and you can customize this according to your event.
Event Designs and Decoration For Outside The Venue

Decorations For Outside The Venue Image Source: Unsplash/Chris Lawton

  • Signage: you can add signage at the entrance of your venue to write a welcome note for your guests. It adds much-needed warmth to any event and helps in personalization.
  • Balloons or flowers: if your event is of the sort which allows the use of balloons or flowers, go for it. Decorating your signage with balloons and flowers will add femininity and charm to your event décor.
  • Lighting: this depends on the time your event will take place. If you are hosting your event in the evening or at night, consider adding extra lighting for your guests’ convenience.
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Event Decoration Inside The Venue

Decorations Inside The Venue Image Source: Unsplash/Photos by Lanty

Inside the venue, you may decorate with:
  • Seating cards: if you are to organize a big event where a seating card placement is absolutely necessary, keep them tied together according to the overall theme of your event. For small events, seating cards are not necessary.
  • Focal point backdrop: at your main hall/room, keep one wall as the focal point and decorate it as such. Here, you can have your event’s main happenings—cake cuttings, gender reveals, speeches, etc.
  • Food stall décor: appoint one area to keep all the food you will serve your guests. Again, keep your food stall décor as the overall decoration theme of your event. However, avoid keeping any decoration item on the stall itself as it can get messy and accidents can take place. Instead, consider having a nice backdrop for your food stall.
  • Table décor: for table décor, think of what your main colors are and keep all your linens, napkins, confetti, candles, balloons or flowers of those colors. Consider where everyone will sit and if there will be a separate table for the kids. If so, consider how the decorations at the kids’ tables will vary as compared to the adults’ tables. For example, we suggest leaving out any sharp-edged décor at the kids’ tables as well as opting out of placing lit candles.
  • Miscellaneous décor: according to the theme and budget of your event, you can add various décor items, such as having a ceiling decorated with flowers, creating an archway of balloons, having a jumping castle, photo booth, etc.

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Event décor, when executed with planning and finesse can turn any event into the talk of the town. This is exactly why we made this checklist to help you out with event décor in your next event. Remember to accentuate the theme of your event as you’re decorating your venue and think about your guests’ convenience. Oh, and if you need a professional Long Island event decorator’s help, we’re just one call away! Reach out to Glamorous Events & get the help you need.