Event Design Ideas That Are Light On The Pocket And Will Wow Your Guests At The Same Time!

June 4, 2020

Extravagant event designs décor is guaranteed to impress anyone, but when you have to achieve the same with less cash, the project becomes all the more exciting. The idea here is to be as creative as possible and make the most out of ordinary things to make them…you guess it: extraordinary!

Event Designs Tips & Tricks

This article enlists a few tips that won’t be heavy on the pocket and will certainly wow your guests at the same time.

Be Creative With The Event Layout

Be Creative With The Layout Image Source: Unsplash/Random Institute

Often, we do not put much thought into the layout of the space we’re hosting the party in. you can do so much more if you move a few tables and chairs here and there to see what works and whatnot. A little creativity will help in improvising the entire design of your event. Focus on using the stage or a particular spot that draws attention and works according to that. You will find that setting up your tables and chairs in a nonconventional way will go a long way in shaping the space of your event in a unique way.

Integrating Event Decoration Color

Integrating Color Image Source: Unsplash/Gaelle Marcel

Flower arrangements can be a great way to have a pop of color throughout your event; but let’s face it, they can be pretty expensive. Instead, you can integrate color in your event with the plates, linens, skirting, chairs, etc. according to your event’s theme. For ideas on birthday themes, check out our blog! Moreover, you can integrate color with lights. Spotlights, uplighting, as well as general lighting in the room, can play a huge role in integrating colors in your event to transform the space.
Food Stall Decorations in Event Displays

Food Displays Image Source: Unsplash/Rasmus Mikkelstrup

Another great way of getting the most out of ordinary things is using your food displays creatively. You can display food in a unique way on the service line or as a centerpiece on the tables. You may have crystal jars filled with candy as a centerpiece on tables if the event’s theme allows. Following this, you can use savory or sweet displays on your tables or at a particular food display stall as an attention center at your event.
Bringing In Natural Wedding Decorations

Bringing In Natural Decor Image Source: Unsplash/free stocks

When working with tight budgets, you should focus on how you can utilize materials that are readily available or in the season to cut down your costs while not compromising on décor. You can utilize twigs, wildflowers, foliage, pinecones, etc. for your décor. Bringing in natural elements will be cost-effective and make for a wonderful décor with natural undertones. Have a look at this design from Virtual Tulip Festival by Clicking HERE!

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Event décor is a very exciting aspect of even planning. It allows people to be more creative, think outside the box, and not worry about right and wrong. When you’re working with low budgets, focus on making the most out of ordinary objects, bring in natural or seasonal materials, set up tables, chairs, stage, etc. in a nonconventional manner, and integrate colors with lighting, linens, papers, utensils, natural elements, food, etc. If you want, check out our Event Decoration Checklist blog to get some more inspiration! Reach to Glamorous Events for all types of decorations!