Organizing An Event In The Social Distancing Era? Here Are 4 Tips To Make It Successful!

September 8, 2020

As restaurants, cinemas, and recreation centers slowly start to re-open with safety measures, many people are still concerned about hosting events and get-togethers with social distancing.
Biggest Milestones for the Wedding Planners in Covid Time
The concern here is not just regarding hosting an event that is safe but getting attendees to follow social distancing guidelines at all times. As it isn’t human nature to stand or sit 6 ft. apart and have a conversation, event managers and planners are thinking of new ways to encourage social distancing and still host a great event. If this is something you’re also worried about, Glamorous Event Planners and Productions have brought together 4 tips to make an event successful during the social distancing era!

Personalized Services by Wedding Planner like :

Custom Masks We know how difficult it can be to have your guests wear masks during an event. However, when it comes to custom masks, your guests may appreciate the gesture and detail and would want to wear them. So make sure that you have custom masks at your event and that they are readily available to each of your guests. You may customize the mask with your logo, your initials, the guests’ initials, or even a quirky quote about social distancing! [caption id="attachment_3355" align="alignnone" width="556"]Wedding Designer Masks Customized Wedding Designer Masks[/caption]

Image Source: Shoppersclub.Asia/Wedding Mask

Moreover, custom masks have become a new trend these days. You see them all around weddings and other get-togethers where the bride and groom each have their masks on with their initials or simple bride and groom on matching linen. Check out the NYtimes article on the growing demand at the wedding planners for designer masks HERE!

Use of Plexi Table Dividers by Wedding Planners

If you think your guests won’t be comfortable sitting far apart, trying to have a conversation, try a plexi glass table divider. The plexi glass table divider will ensure that your guests are safely seated at one table with less chances of disease transmission. With the table divider, they would still be able to engage in a conversation and stay safe. Win-win!
Suggestions from Wedding Consultants to use Strategic Foliage
While you’d be able to separate guests at a single table, how do you separate various tables from one another? Easy! By strategically placing foliage or another décor in between tables to create distance.

Strategic Foliage Image Source: Unsplash/Katarzyna Grabowska

The foliage or décor would add more creativity to your event while you’ll be able to keep your guests safe as well. Have a look at the ethereal wedding style HERE!

Even Luxury Wedding Planners are using Self-Serving Catering Method

Contactless delivery is becoming the norm these days, and this is something you can incorporate in your event as well. Think about ways you can have a contactless serving portal where caterers could place plated meals and guests can help themselves as dinner or lunch is served.

Self-Serving Catering Image Source: Unsplash/Katarzyna Pracuch

Don’t forget to pair these self-serving portals with a sanitizing station as well!

Wrapping Up

Organizing events in the social distancing era is anything but easy. However, with some out-of-the-box thinking and planning, you can host a successful event.

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In this article, we gave you a few tips to include in your next event to keep your guests safe and socially distant. In case you need any help with organizing and planning, Glamorous Events Planners and Productions are always there to help you!