Expecting The Unexpected – 5 Ways to Manage Unexpected Guests at Corporate Events

September 19, 2014

One of the most agitating incidents at any big event is an unexpected guest. However, good etiquette lies in welcoming a guest, no matter if expected or otherwise. To avoid any such incidents, it is wise to make arrangements for an extra number of people. Failure to accommodate guests can count as mismanagement on your part; therefore clever strategies to encounter such a situation are crucial. This is especially important for corporate events, where your reputation as an event manager may be at stake.

Here are 5 Ways To Manage The Unexpected Guests at a Corporate Event:

Opt for a bigger space to accommodate unexpected arrivals

Just like there are cancellations at the eleventh hour, there are RSVP cancellations too. Some guests may change their mind for various reasons so may come want to join the event at the last minute. Therefore, make sure you opt for a bigger hall, area, ball room to accommodate extra guests. On the same note, ensure you’ve got extra tables and chairs to have them seated without panic.

Give late coming guests a point of contact

To avoid any haphazard arrangements, give the last minute or late coming guests a point of contact so they can get in touch with them as soon as they reach the event. This will keep free you up to look after other arrangements.

Reserve tables for confirmed guests and put a sign on it

Reserve tables in the front for guests who are on time and have them seated accordingly. Leave reserve signs near the rear door to accommodate extra guests on tables towards the end if needed.

Keep some food or tidbits for late arrivals

Having a large scale event is a big responsibility. There may be some guests who may run late to the event and miss the hors d’oeuvres. Show hospitality and gratitude by arranging some tidbits for these late comers, after all, they are part of your event.

Appoint someone to escort the late arrivals to their place

Have some take care of those arriving late to the event. The person welcoming the guests should inform the guests about empty seats and have them escorted to the place. Timely arrangements for extra guests can save you a lot of stress and keep you from missing out on important details. Glamorous Event Planners in NY offer amazing corporate event planning services for businesses and companies. We take care of the site décor, catering, entertainment and performances so you can have smooth event that your guests will remember for a long time.