Floral Mandap – Wedding Flowers Décor

Floral Mandap Decoration - Wedding Flowers

Flowers bring vivacity in life and their vibrant colors add beauty to an important event like marriage. That is why, every wedding venue is decorated with flowers of different hues, particularly the Indian wedding venues.

It is all floral in an Indian wedding, particularly the Mandaps where couples tie a knot and begin a new journey. Considering this, Glamorous Event Planners aim to provide the best floral Mandap décor in NY, NJ, & Connecticut so that you begin your wedded life from a charming and perfumed Mandap.

Indian Wedding Flowers Décor

Indian Wedding Flowers

Adding beauty to an Indian wedding means using flowers to decorate the Mandap and venue and since the flowery ambiance is the essence of an Indian wedding, we use the most popular Indian wedding flowers for this purpose. Roses, Carnations, Marigold, Jasmine, Lily, Lotus, and Orchids are mandatory flowers of a traditional Indian wedding and, therefore, we make sure that our floral decorations must include them.

Also, we take care of the quality and freshness of flowers so that the beauty of a Mandap lasts for a longer period.

Marigold is extensively used in Indian weddings, particularly in Mandap decors. Considering this, we incorporate them in mandap decoration to maintain the aura of a perfect Indian wedding.

Roses aren’t only red and therefore we use different tints and tones of roses, particularly white and pink, which not only make a beautiful bouquet but enhance the beauty and grace of a mandap as well.

Carnations are ideal for mandap decorations, but their combination with roses and other flowers give a royal appearance to a Mandap.

Jasmine, Lotus, & Lilly are traditional Indian wedding flowers and their use in mandap décor makes the mandap fragrant and gorgeous.

Floral Mandap Décor

Our wedding professionals promise to make your Mandaps mesmerizing whether you want them simple or heavily decorated and exotic. We specialize in mandap décor and enjoy a large base of satisfied customers who trust our services and believe in our expertise. Being in this service for so many years, we have been able to provide couples with budget-fitted floral mandap decor in NY, NJ and Long Island.

Besides assisting you with your ideas regarding mandap décor, our experts give their suggestions too that are absolutely unique and affordable.

How Do We Decorate?

How Do We Decorate

A mandap (canopy) is the most fascinating site of a wedding and, thus, it has to be enthralling and attractive.

To make a mandap lavishly decorated, we use Indian wedding flowers on arches and wrap the pillars with strings of flowers. The covered mandap tops are decorated with flowers of your choice, but we recommend carnations along with roses and marigolds.

Mandap for a couple can be made richer with flowers as they desire.

A flowery mandap decoration adds life to a wedding and we do it in the best way. From flower selections to combinations, we offer great floral mandap decoration ideas for your wedding in NY, NJ, & Connecticut. Also, we guarantee spellbinding and memorable floral mandap décor. So, try our services and enjoy a stress-free wedding.