Planning An Ethereal Wedding—With Floral Mandap Setting!

January 13, 2020

Weddings, mostly are, a once-in-a-lifetime affair. You don’t want anything on this day to be even close to ordinary. Everything should be unique—spot on! Starting from the dresses to makeovers to wedding day floral mandap design décor to after-party favors and everything in between. Everything has to be top notch and just the way you wanted. People will remember most of it for the rest of their lives; if it is worthwhile of course. A few things that will never run off the minds of your guests are the makeover of the bride and groom, the food and the wedding décor. We are going to discuss the mandap in this article, and not just any kind, but a very special and close to my heart one—a floral mandap. A mandap is an altar for Indian wedding ceremony rituals. The place where the bride and groom tie themselves in a knot along with the blessings of their loved ones. You may have seen many wedding setups but nothing as beautiful as a floral mandap decoration. It is the most magical and enchanting thing. I kid you not!

Floral Mandap Design Tips

Flowers not only beautify the look of the decor but also add the kind of scent to the environment that can drift one into a dream. If you want the best things to be incorporated in your wedding event, consider using a floral mandap setting for one.

· Simple Yet Elegant

Variety of big flowers that can never go wrong! If you look closely, these are a few feet apart pillar arrangements, forming a mandap connection in square/rectangular shape. The pillars have been draped with similar or contrasting colors to the flower arrangement. With the top sides covered in flowers, resonating with the rest of the setup.

Simple Yet Elegant

· Combo Of Decency

The beauty in decency… Shy yet exuberant… What other great words can I use to describe this floral mandap setup? The ultimate CORAL color usage that can never get old, never go wrong. A perfect mix of pink and peach roses along with white old-fashioned peonies, and stranded with green leaves.

Combo Of Decency

· Go Gradient

A canopy style mandap floral décor. Concentrating on pink flowers covering the top of the canopy and a different shade of pink for the stranded flowers from the roof. Pillars also of another shade of pink, light and subtle. A variety of hues of pink that complement each other nicely.

Go Gradient

· Fairy Dream Wedding

Get your guests enchanted by the beauty of this floral mandap décor. Fresh, elegant and out of fairly land. A few white flowers at the columns and the entire flower decor is surrounded with a hint of dried decorative plant stems.

Fairy Dream Wedding

· Empowering Red

The easiest yet most gorgeous décor. The entire canopy covered with big red roses enhancing the red and yellow theme of the wedding event. Check out the Floral Mandap design ideas HERE!

Empowering Red

· Roses And Only Roses

My secret favorite idea will be using rose flowers like in the picture above. This floral mandap setup is created using similar color tones of roses and wrapping them all around the mandap pillars and dome.

Roses And Only Roses

Submerge Yourself In Ideas And Leave Out All The Rest

The ideas are endless but the work can be tiresome. So it’s always a great idea to lay your trust in a professional wedding coordinator who will accomplish your dream wedding, floral mandap décor for you. While you sit back and concentrate on the other elements of your wedding day that need to be looked after by you. Contact Glamorous event planners to organize an Indian Wedding.