Revamp Your Indian Wedding with New Décor Ideas in NY

June 30, 2015

Insight of the mind of an Indian wedding planner on the checklist they create to make sure you have a pleasant and memorable experience. An Indian wedding is a combination of rituals, ceremonies, and celebrations. It is, thus, a blend of beautiful colors and ethereal decorations. Decorations, in fact, give life to planning an Indian wedding. They play a major role in creating and enriching the ambiance and could completely mesmerize the couple and guests.  However, it is important that one follows the latest trends and incorporate the hottest décor ideas in her wedding.

How does the Indian Wedding Planner give the traditional feel?

While you can stick to a traditional wedding, beautiful décor is a must to enhance the ambiance of the wedding. If you are tying the knot in the coming days, including the following in your wedding décor list:
Diya Decorations, Lanterns & Fairy Lights
Lights can significantly impact the ambiance and the wedding. While big and extravagant chandeliers were a big hit last year, traditional diyas and Christmas lights are making waves this year. Also called fairy lights, Christmas lights add a warm and romantic glow to every setting. They can be utilized both indoors and outdoors. Your path from aisle to mandap will look stunning with a number of strings of colorful fairy lights. Wrap these strings around the trees or pillars to make the venue look more than beautiful. The fairy lights are versatile and could be used in various ways. In fact, you can use the strings as backdrops too.

Which things make Planning an Indian wedding stand out?

For special charisma, light up the venue with beautiful metal lanterns or paper lanterns. While fairy lights and lanterns provide a dreamy ambiance, diyas are never too old for a wedding. In fact, they along with marigold garlands can make a stunning entrance.

How Indian Wedding Coordinator choose Royal Themes?

Delicate and ethereal things are awe-inspiring, isn’t it? Delicacy has its own grace and it seems royal, and royal themes are in these days. There is so much emphasis on lace and it isn’t with the lehngas (bridal dress) only, but the décor too.  The lacey table covers along with gold-plated crockery, vintage-looking flowers, and simple diamond embellishments are one of the popular Indian wedding décor ideas for 2015. This décor is, particularly, ideal for those who have always dreamed of a royal wedding.

Flowers & Flowers

Flowers are a nature’s gift and are an essential part of the Indian wedding planner décor skillset. In fact, floral décor is enough to enhance the ambiance and appearance of the venue. Thus, incorporate the flowers into every aspect of the décor. Imagine the walls covered with flowers, floral chandeliers, floral carpet, and curtains. Doesn’t this sound so pretty? Moreover, the floral décor would add brightness, softness, fragrance, and beauty to the wedding event.  Remember, floral décor is in vogue these days.

Swings & Antique Chairs

The antique chairs decorated with ethnic drapes and cushions and a swing (jhoola) would show your traditional inspiration behind the décor.  Both swings and antique chairs for the bride and groom make for great wedding décor. To view more images of antique chairs visit HERE! Indian weddings are a blend of elegance and tradition and these regal and floral themes, fairy lights and diyas serve both purposes. Glamorous Event Planners take complete responsibility for your Indian weddings in NY. If you find these themes inspiring and fascinating, contact us.

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