All About Indian Wedding Saree - History, Significance, Variations and Color Guide

October 22, 2019

The Indian wedding sarees have been an outfit staple for Indian women for years. Indian women adorn sarees not only on festive occasions but in their casual daily routines as well. When it comes to sarees, the Indian wedding dresses are no exception, and women are seen wearing sarees in vibrant hues and extravagant jewelry.

History Of Indian Wedding Sarees

The history of saree in the Indian subcontinent goes back to the Indus valley civilization as early as 2800-1800 BCE. In the Sanskrit language, the literal meaning of saree translates to a strip of cloth. Styles may vary across cultures but one thing that remains common is that it is a continuous piece of cloth. It is worn with a petticoat of matching color and a blouse (choli) that may be of the same color or be contrasted and embellished.

Variations Of Bride Sarees In Different State

Variations Of Sarees In Different State

Since India is a culturally diverse country with each state with its own culture, history, and language, the way saree is worn along with the colors preferred on weddings vary from state to state. The Bengali brides as well as Karnataka brides prefer wearing white sarees on their wedding day. South Indian brides adorn ‘Kanjeevaram Saree’ with their high color contrast and temple borders. Brides in the North of India wear net sarees with heavy embroidery work on them. Brides in Odisha wear the ‘Katki’ or ‘Bomkai’ saree with the exquisite work on the ‘anchal’; while the Assamese brides love wearing white Muga silk sarees that have red borders.
Significance Of Sarees for Weddings
The elegant saree isn’t just another piece of clothing in India—it holds significance in the culture, traditions, and faith. You’ll find brides adorned in red dresses at weddings. The reason for choosing a red color saree for brides is that red is associated with Lord Durga, a symbol of strength, power, and valor. Check out the 9000+ Indian wedding sarees designs for you Click Here!

Gifting Sarees for Wedding Guests

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