Is Your Smile Event-Ready?

April 19, 2021

If you had an event that was put on hold last year because of the pandemic, you’re not alone! The good news is, things are slowly becoming more normal again. If you’re like the billions of others who had to reschedule a wedding, trip, or other big events, you’re probably looking forward to it happening sooner rather than later. We have flawlessly planned and executed countless events, and our team is well aware of how much goes into making these moments special and beautiful for you. While we’ve got your flowers and décor covered, we also know how important it is for you to feel at ease and confident on the day of your big event. We believe that a smile speaks volumes about a person and feeling confident about yours can help you be in the moment to truly enjoy yourself without the distraction of hiding your teeth the entire time. To help you prepare your pearly whites for your big day or event, we’ve come up with a list of tips. 

Stay on Top of Regular Oral Hygiene, and Don’t Skip Regular Dental Checkups

This is one of the simplest and most affordable ways to keep your smile in great condition. Brushing and flossing your teeth every day helps to remove bacteria that can lead to gum disease, and it also prevents plaque from building up and promoting tooth decay. It’s crucial to visit your dentist twice a year for deep cleaning, and to ensure there are no issues going on that you may not know about. We know you’ve got a long list of to-dos to tackle before your event, but your oral health should be at the top!

Get Your Teeth Professionally Whitened

There’s a good reason why teeth-whitening is one of the most popular cosmetic dental procedures. Who doesn’t want a Hollywood smile for their big event? If you’ve tried over-the-counter whitening strips or gels with no success, it’s time to visit your dentist to have your teeth professionally whitened. Whether it’s a super quick in-office procedure, or a medical-grade take-home kit, having a bright beautiful smile is just one cosmetic dental treatment away!

Be Mindful of Your Diet

There are plenty of reasons to develop a healthy diet prior to an event, especially if you’re wanting to shed a few pounds. Your teeth can benefit from it as well. Avoiding foods that are high in starch and sugar can ward off cavities and make sure to clean your teeth after drinking darker-colored beverages are great ways to prevent unsightly stains.

Take Care of You

The best thing you can possibly do to get ready for your big day is to be kind to yourself. In the midst of all the planning and prepping, don’t forget to allow yourself some downtime. Take a day to treat yourself at a spa or enjoy a weekend getaway at a place where you can reboot and refresh.  Since 2010, our team here at Glamorous Events has been creating magical experiences and setting stages for beautiful memories. We are committed to curating a personalized custom event for you, and we will stop at nothing to ensure that your special day goes above and beyond all of your expectations. Planning an event or wedding, reach out to our experts at sunita@glamorouseventplanners.com & tejal@@glamorouseventplanners.com