5 Wedding Decor Ideas For The Minimalist Bride-To-Be

March 18, 2020

In the world of over-the-top events, ideas, celebrations, and whatnot, it may be difficult to make people understand that simplicity is beauty, dear minimalist bride. However, this is why we’re here to help with wedding decor! Glamorous Event Planners and Productions believe in letting the individuality of the couple shine on their wedding day. This is why we bring you ‘5’ wedding décor ideas so you can gracefully embrace your minimalism and show people that less *is* more!

List of Wedding Decor to Use

Keep scrolling for a few amazing—and minimal—ideas for your wedding reception...

1. Altar— Wedding Centerpieces In Reception

In most reception settings the altar is the focal point. Now, who says you have to make the entire backdrop filled with roses and foliage or have a floral chandelier hanging from the ceiling with string lighting? A simple string of foliage is enough to draw the attention of your guests to the space and the simplicity will enable the most important thing to shine through—you and your partner exchanging vows!

2. RUSTIC Theme Wedding Table Decoration

Our minimalist brides-to-be will appreciate this table setting with one monochromatic linen running all over its length, a candle with foliage to add accents, and a bare wooden seating arrangement to complete the look. Tell us how much you love that?! The wooden seating arrangement will add rustic element to the venue. If you’d rather, you can add transparent chairs, or ghost chairs, to complete the look. Check this Wedding Table Design Ideas Here!
3. Minimalistic Board Signage - Wedding Arch
We sure do love board signage! And what could be better than having a utilitarian letter board to get your personalized message across to your guests, whether it’s a welcome board at the entrance or a board at the dessert table? The letter board can be decorated with foliage or remain in itself, complementing the overall minimal décor.
4. Adding A Pop Of Color
While a minimalistic décor would call for neutral colors to fill the space, we suggest you add a non-neutral pop of color—at your table, the altar, or your guests’ tables. This will tie the entire décor together as the use of neutral colors alone may weigh the outlook down. The use of red, blue, or pink is recommended as they go well with any wedding theme.
5. Miscellaneous
Now for the itsy bitsy things that add beauty to the event: the invites, table numbers, and wedding favors! You can follow a theme here or just go with your heart. For a theme, we suggest you go with calligraphy to add a touch of vintage to the event. Have calligraphy on your invites, your table numbers as well as the favors you’ll be giving to your guests.

Looking for a Wedding Decor Company?

Minimalism brings beauty with simplicity to any event. We hope our minimalist brides-to-be enjoyed this blog and got some inspiration for their wedding décor. In case you need some help with the design, décor, vendors, and the overall execution for your reception, you know who to call! Reach out to Glamourous Events for all your wedding decoration needs!