New Indian Wedding Decoration Ideas Make Your Wedding Magnificent

February 10, 2015

Since time immemorial, Indian Weddings have remained an alluring event. The traditions and rituals, which are the essence of an Indian wedding, are quite fascinating, but the ways Indian wedding decorations are conducted and executed have changed with the passage of time.

Growth of Indian Wedding Planners in the USA?

The contemporary styles have been replacing traditional wedding arrangements and there is an increasing trend of consulting and hiring event and wedding planners. While marriage remains an important event, modifications and additions in set-up and ingenious mandap and wedding decoration ideas can further enhance one’s wedding ceremony.

The Indian Wedding Decorations: Ins vs. Outs

The traditional wedding style is getting obsolete now. Couples now demand newness in their weddings instead of stereotypical mandap decorations and conventional arrangements. The old-style red and golden settings are being replaced by new color combinations, floral decorations, and vibrant themes. With exception of bridal attire, Indian weddings have not remained the same. The trend of an outdoor Indian wedding is also rising, which further paves way for a couple to bring uniqueness and beauty to their wedding by utilizing natural surroundings.

Carpet vs. Floral Pathway

A journey from aisle to Mandap changes the bride’s life forever. Shouldn’t this passage be special? The old-style Indian weddings have always used plain red carpets and runners which have become very common now. They aren’t distinctive anymore. Instead, the bride dreams of walking on a path covered with flowers of her choice or which match her dress. This doesn’t only fulfill her desire, but also adds remarkability to the wedding.
Indian Weding Mandap vs. Mandap Cum Stage
A traditional mandap is decorated with ‘matka’ pillars and red drapes. Choices may vary, but a revolutionized Mandap accommodates more style, color combination, space, decoration, and seating arrangement. Couples now prefer peach, purple, and pink shades for their Mandap with the combination of white or cream color. Instead of Matka pillars, drapes of chiffon are used on all four sides of the stage. Else, the flower decorations or candles are placed on all four corners of the Mandap.
Indian Wedding Decorations use Flower Garlands to make Beautiful Mandaps
Similarly, open Mandaps are now getting conventional. The mandaps today are covered with flowery tops to enhance the ambiance and the outlook of the stage. Moreover, simple stools for the bride and groom have been replaced by well-designed seats of different styles. The seats range from Mughal style to assorted ones. When seating arrangement compliments Mandap decorations, it adds more beauty to the wedding. Check out this Indian wedding decoration at USA Wedding!

Latest Seating Arrangements

Again, the red seat covers are completely outdated now as couples now choose other color combinations for this purpose. Also, the tables for guests are now decorated with beautiful and innovative centerpieces, which not only improve the outlook of a table but create a great impact on the wedding. A huge variety of centerpieces is available now including vases, mosaic centers, crystal balls, etc. Weddings take place almost every day, but a distinctive and different wedding becomes a memory. In order to make your wedding distinctive, it is best to follow modern trends and incorporate creative and the latest decoration ideas. Glamorous Event Planners offers great wedding decoration ideas to make your wedding splendid.

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