Plan, Prepare, Party – Tips for a Perfect Diwali Bash

November 20, 2015

The festival of lights Diwali is just here, knocking at your door. So, why not welcome and celebrate it by throwing a party?

Tips for Planning a Diwali Party

Diwali is an auspicious fiesta that brings fun, excitement and togetherness. It is the most awaited and beautiful time of year which instills spirit of giving and spreading happiness. It’s about visiting and having your loved ones too. Since it is time to celebrate this wonderful festival, a Diwali party is a perfect way to call your family spread the aura of happiness. So, kickoff the festivities with a spectacular bash and nail it with following brilliant tips:

Stick To Your Budget

Hosting a Diwali party implies arrangements and outlays. Whether you aim to have a grand celebration or an intimate gathering, you need to set a budget for every arrangement. Allocate a certain amount of money beforehand for décor, food, music and other essentials and don’t get carried away with anything that exceeds your budget. Sticking to your budget, hence, is very important while planning a party. When you fix a budget and stick to it, it gets easier to organize a party without regretting and outdoing a specific amount.

Prepare a Guest List

A party is lifeless without loved ones. So, while preparing a guest list, don’t forget your favorite people and close friends. However, don’t include those people who you think would give an excuse and wouldn’t show up. Hence, exclude such people and include only those individuals who care, enjoy and are upbeat. While making a guest list is tiresome, inviting your intimate circle of friends and family won’t give any headache. Don’t go overboard while inviting guests. Instead, use email or a messaging app to invite your guests. Also, make sure they acknowledge the invitation and confirm their presence.
Keep the Menu Simple & Sensational
While your menu should be simple and sensational, you must include a variety of finger foods, starters, main course, and other hot & cold varieties. However, make sure that the foods you offer to partygoers aren’t oily because the greasy stuff will make their hands dirty and it would be bothersome for them. Also, if your main course includes filling dishes, make sure that you serve your guests low-calories starters. Golgappa shots, skewered kebabs, nachos, tarts, would be the ideal starters for your guests. You can stock up some frozen foods too to include in your menu. While the snacks should be easy to gobble up, don’t forget to serve Jalebi, Laddu, Pera, and other sweetmeats to your guests.
Light Up the Venue
Diwali is a festival of lights. This means you must light up the venue to create an aura of this auspicious occasion. Decorate your walls and curtains with LED lights. Get diyas and fairy lights to light up your house. Lanterns would further add beauty to your party and enrich the ambiance. A ‘nay’ for Diwali party is decorating your house with balloons. Instead, use lanterns and lights to give your modern party a traditional and minimalist look.

Surprise Your Guests with Party Favors

Since one part of Diwali is the spirit of giving, you must give your guests a surprise at the end of the celebrations. Hence, make sure that they return home with a box of cookies or chocolates. While the party favors would bring a broad smile on their faces, this gesture would make your party unforgettable for them. Diwali implies laughter, delicious food, music, games and jubilation and throwing a party would be a great idea to enjoy everything to the fullest with your loved ones. You can also hire our party planners in New Jersey, Long Islands, New York, Connecticut & West Chester who would jazz up your bash with their services and ideas. Glamorous Event Planners wishes everyone a Happy and Fun-Packed Diwali!