Planning A Winter Wedding – Get Some Ideas For A Great Event!

December 4, 2019

Most of the people prefer to hold their weddings in summers when the weather is great and they can enjoy outdoors to the fullest but there are times when there is no other option than to hold a wedding in winters. There are many who would say that there would be no fun in hosting a winter wedding and how would they be able to make things work as it is so cold and snowy. While it might be true to an extent that winter can be a harsh time due to cold and snow, yet it is also the most wonderful time of the year when the holiday season and Christmas evoke the images of crystal lace-like snowflakes, soft white snow, and colors such as cool blue, soft velvety reds, and greens that can lift up any mood and double the celebrations. If done the right way and with the right wedding event coordinator, a winter wedding might become the biggest celebration and an event to remember for years to come.  Nature provides the evergreens, frost, icicles, and cozy indoors that make every moment spent together simply wonderful. A winter wedding provides some exquisite opportunities for décor and along with some great accessories; you can turn a winter wedding into some royal and magnificent affair.

Know everything about a Winter Wedding

If you are planning to hold a wedding in winters, you will need to prepare beforehand so that you have the best ideas and time to implement them too. Here are some top ideas that would help to make your winter season wedding a glamorous and exciting affair with all the trimmings and embellishments.

Thinking to Choose Outdoor Winter Wedding

The Outdoor Affair Image Source: Unsplash/Nyana Stoica

You can make the wedding even more exciting by holding it outdoors and stay warm and look fashionable with faux fur, wraps, stoles, muffs, hats and coats, and even marabou or fur-trimmed dresses that will look spectacular. All this will set a theme for the wedding and add more glamour to the overall looks, making your event delightful affair guests will remember. A winter wedding coordinator can make arrangements regarding the dresses or get them on rental for the occasion. Check out the winter wedding decorations HERE!

Your Dream Winter Wonderland Wedding

Glamorous Fairytale Image Source: Unsplash/Kenny Luo

You can arrange for a horse drawn sleigh to carry the bridal couple to the church or the reception venue whether it is taking place indoors or outdoors. It can be as enchanting as a fairy tale and you might be even be able to make use of a winter wedding window cling on the sleigh and it will add a magical tough to the ceremony with snow falling or artificial snowflakes decorated to add more to it. Combined with chauffeurs and ribbons, this transport will be far more glamorous and traditional than any other vehicle, it just need a little bit of wedding planning to turn your wedding into a fairtale.

Winter Wedding Decorations in Snow Theme

Snow Theme Event Image Source: Unsplash/Tanja Mayer

A winter wedding can be made more unique and exciting with winter themed collection of guest book and pen, toasting flutes and matching cake serving set. Decorated with beautiful snowflakes and ice blue colors, the bride can be made to feel like an ice princess on her special day. In addition to this, the entire menu can be arranged keeping in mind the holiday or the winter season such as hot soups, smoked meats and roasted meats that will warm up the guests and make everything just perfect.

Christmas Themed Wedding

Merry Christmas Image Source: Unsplash/Angelica Levshakowa

The winter look can be further incorporated into the event with the bouquet or hair accessories as well as overall decor such as holly berries, candles, reefs and even a Christmas tree. When you seek help from professional and smart event planner services and they will be able to guide you on how things should be done to celebrate the wedding in true winter style. You don’t have to wait till the spring or summer to be a bride and waste precious moments. Looking forward to an exciting and highly happening wedding right in the middle of the holiday season and make every moment a special and memorable one.