Organize Events And Planning Coordination

Exceptional Planning & Coordination by The Glamorous Team

We have built our impeccable event planning reputation on two things: thorough planning and active coordination.

Whether you are planning an intimate event of only close family or want to book an auditorium for a full-scale corporate gala, we keep things simple: plan everything and organize all the parts.

We leave nothing to chance and closely communicate with all our vendors at all stages. From site visits to the day-of arrangements, we captain the ship from start to finish.

We do this to ensure your events are fabulous, enjoyable, and pristinely perfect. With things seamlessly moving from one event to the next, our expert planning and coordination remain at the helm, guiding it all!

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Planning vs. Coordination

As closely connected as the two things seem, planning and coordination are quite separate concepts.

Planning is the strategy that leads to a perfect event. When we’re planning an event for you, we are all hands on deck! Taking on the role of an active partner, we help you develop a budget, find the right vendors, schedule and handle logistics, and keep a close eye on the big picture.

As your event planners, we walk with you every step of the way, ensuring your vision is coming to life perfectly, and details that you probably didn’t even think of are being taken care of smoothly.

Coordination is more about oversight when you’ve done the bulk of the planning yourself. We oversee the event setup, ensure the vendors are on time, and troubleshoot any issues that arise during the event. Taking care of details and logistics, we ensure everything goes smoothly on the day of the event.

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Choose What Works For You

Whether you are looking for an event planner or an event organizer, we are here to make your celebrations a roaring success!

Choose from our list of services what you want, and we’ll craft a tailored service package that works for you. Our services include:

  1. Hair & Makeup
  2. Photographers & Videographers
  3. DJs & MCs
  4. Dancers
  5. Musicians
  6. Caterers
  7. And more.

So call us today at 516-933-2788 and let’s get talking!

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