Planning Food for an Indian Wedding in NY

August 11, 2016

Food at Indian weddings is probably the most important element of the whole event, especially for the guests. The amount of food that is cooked during an Indian wedding is enough to feed an entire army and the goal is to make sure each guest is satisfied with the food. The best Indian wedding food caterers are always in demand and the Indian wedding catering industry has grown to become a billion-dollar industry. For an Indian wedding in NY, you should go with Indian wedding planners that have a good reputation.

Tips to Find the Wedding Food Caterer?

In order to find the right caterer for wedding, you should first make a list of the items that you want on your wedding menu. This helps narrow down the vendors who have the required items in their offerings. Once all this is sorted out, you can filter the vendors on the basis of your budget and shortlist the ones that fall into your budget. You may also go through reviews, pictures of events they have catered and the items they call their specialty to make the final choice. If you find it difficult to make a final choice go for samples of wedding meals prepared by the caterers which may help seal the deal.

Indian Wedding Food

To decide your Indian wedding menu, you need to first know exactly what makes up the usual Indian wedding food. Tradition Indian wedding food is different depending on the region and country. With the global food influences and migration in and out of the country, there is now a lot of homogeneity in the wedding menus. Here are some of the top picks:

Starters Dishes

Indians love deep fried food and these are a must in the wedding menu. There is a lot of finger food at Indian weddings ranging from batter-fried veggies, rolls, shrimp, and much more. The popular starters include Paneer tikka, spring rolls, shrimp, Manchurian, and honey chicken.

Main Course

The main course dishes at Indian weddings are usually a mix of rice and breads with an assortment of gravies as well as several sides. Rice dishes include biryanis and pulao's, in both non-veg and vegetarian varieties. Apart from that you will also find a variety of breads including nans, kulchas, and parathas that are eaten with sides, dips, and gravies. Paneer is an important ingredient in Indian dishes, especially in the north Indian varieties. Pulses in a rich curry are also common as the majority of the guests are non-vegetarian. Ghee is used to make the food more flavorful and rich. Check some of this delicious-looking food Click Here!


The range of flavors and textures in the main course dishes is followed by some rich, sweet, and heavy sweets – an important part of the Indian wedding menu. The traditional desserts include gulab jamuns, laddoos, barfis, and a variety of other Indian sweets. You can also find pastries, cakes, and ice creams of several different kinds. The latest addition has been that of a chocolate fondue.