Sparkle Up Your Party with the best Party Planners in New York ( NY ) area

January 8, 2015

Music, friends, dance accompanied with a delicious feast are the soul of a party. Since they are a way to commemorate success, birthday, wedding, engagement, graduation, baby shower, etc. they have become a vital part of our lives. Parties are a lot of fun when you are with your friends and loved ones. Seeing this enthusiasm, parties are now organized and celebrated in new and different ways. The theme parties and advancements in party arrangements have further invigorated the concept by New York Party Planners. Party planners have a major role in doing so i.e. in revitalizing the concept of partying. So, if you want to add colors, creativity, and quality to your parties, consider consulting a party planner.

Imagine The Fun with New York Party Planners

Organizing a birthday party on your own is time-consuming and stressful. When you yourself are the organizer, rare are the chances that you would enjoy the bash, tunes, and company of your friends since you will be busy, most of the time, in managing everything. However, if you decide to let a party planner do it on your behalf, it is more convenient and relaxing.  Keeping in view the suitability and requirements of our clients, we offer all-inclusive party planning services. Therefore, if you want to thoroughly enjoy the party let us allow us to make it grand for you. Check out the decoration executed by NY party planners HERE!


We love kids but we have more to offer than Kid's parties only. We plan parties for all age groups and provide all planning that is needed to have a blast. Whether it is coming up with a theme, planning the décor, selecting the vendors, or planning the food, our aim is to fulfill every requirement of our clients. Besides children’s birthday parties, we specialize in Rock n Roll parties, winter theme parties, wedding theme parties, Hollywood theme parties, and much more. Besides providing the set-up, décor, lighting, and other arrangements, we give suggestions on the type and color of the costumes as well. Adding distinctiveness to your party is our main priority. We believe, since every day brings a new turn in your life, your joy, success, achievements, milestones, and relationships deserve to be celebrated in a unique and organized way.

Are You Planning a Party?

We can make your party traditional as well as exotic, exactly how you want it. However, when a party is planned, it encompasses a huge number of arrangements. The party planners do these preparations in the most effective manner within a certain budget being allocated by the clients. Contacting florists, caterers, and arrangement of singers and bands, all is done professionally by the party planners in NY. A party lasts for few hours but its effects last for a long time. It becomes a memory and later you cherish it and we as party planners make it true for our clients.  Glamorous Event Planners cater to all kinds of clientele and deliver personalized services. Party hard with us.