Have Yourself An Amazing Valentine’s Day This Year - Ideas For Food, Games And Party Decorations In New Jersey!

February 6, 2020

Valentine’s—the celebration of love. The day we dedicate to our loved ones, our partners, our friends, and family. It’s a day when we indulge ourselves in chocolates, flowers, balloons, and infinite love; and quite rightly so! This year, Glamorous Event Planners and Productions want you to have the most amazing Valentine’s Day ever! This is why we have crafted here for you the best party decorations, food, and games ideas for Valentine’s that you can enjoy with your loved ones.

Decorate Your Home

Decorate Your Home Image Source: Glamorous Event Planners Gallery

Just to get into the mood of festivity, why not surround your bed with colorful linens, your living room with pink or purple balloons, and your kitchen island with red flowers? While your family will absolutely love this gesture, your Instagram followers will thank you twofold for blessing their eyes with such beauty!

DIY A Valentine’s Gift Ideas

DIY A Valentines Gift Box Image Source: Unsplash/FreeModels Agency

Forget about those fancy gift boxes that can’t be customized and DIY ones! Add in your partner’s favorite perfume, the book they’d been wanting for so long, or anything you think would make your partner really happy. Drop-in a few treats and a heartfelt love letter to complete the box your partner would absolutely adore. Check the Valentine day gift ideas on AMAZON!

Family Portraits On Your Walls

Family Portraits On Your Walls Image Source: Unsplash/Bhaumik Kaji

Want to give a sweet gift to your loved ones? Have pictures of you and your family turn into large portraits that you can hang on the walls. You can choose pictures from your wedding, your graduation, your family photograph, your baby’s first birthday, etc. frame them and hang them up on the walls of your living room and spend this V-Day cherishing that special moment all over again!

Make Heart-Shaped Pizza

Make Heart Shaped Pizza Image Source: PizzaHut

If you think Valentine’s is only for sugary treats, think again! Surprise your kids or your friends with some heart-shaped pizza that will add a much-needed savory treat to this otherwise dripping-sweet celebration.

Tea Party For Your Girlfriends

Tea Party For Your Girlfriends Image Source: Unsplash/Kelly Neil

Talking about sugary treats, if you’d rather spend the day eating chocolates, cakes, macaroons, cream-filled wafers (we’ll stop here or it’ll be another cheat day for us!) do it and take pictures! Moreover, why not invite your girlfriends over and have a tea party? Your friends will appreciate it and you can watch a good series together or just have a good conversation over some sweet tea.

Make Jewelry Out Of Candy

Make Jewelry Out Of Candy Image Source: Unsplash/Diana Akhmetianova

Your kids will love this fun activity, trust us! Simply take soft candy, jelly, gummy bears, etc. weave them into thread, and make bracelets and rings out of them. And, of course, eat them afterward.

Milk And Cookies Valentine’s Party

Milk And Cookies Valentines Party Image Source: Unsplash/Monika Grabkowska

Another great activity for your kids! Host a milk and cookies party for your kids and decorate the cookies with red, pink, and white frosting them. Your kids will love the activity and the cookie treat afterward in your Valentine’s-themed decorated living room.

Valentine’s Day Bingo

Any idea what game to play with your kids on Valentine’s Day? Try a Valentine’s Day Bingo! This is a fun memory game that you can play with your kids. Add a candy-filled pouch as the prize for the winner!

Wrapping Up!

We hope these Valentine’s Day ideas give you a little inspiration regarding ways to spend the day. Personalize and customize these party decorations, food, and games ideas and mix and match to have a love-filled Valentine’s. And if you ever need an extra hand at party decorations in New Jersey, we’re always here. Glamorous Event Planners and Productions wishes you and your family a very happy Valentine’s!