Wedding Flowers & Centerpieces

Wedding Flowers Centerpieces

A scented and decorated wedding venue enhances ambience and adds beauty to the occasion.  While couples remain center of attention on their wedding day, natural flowers and centerpieces make the event pleasurable for guests. Glamorous Event Planners firmly believes that wedding flowers and centerpieces are important for an event like marriage and that’s why we provide world’s most unique and beautiful floras and centerpieces to marrying couples in NY and NJ.

Since, a wedding looks incomplete and dull without colorful and fragrant flowers, we provide floral decorations in the form of bouquets, centerpieces, boutonnieres, etc.

Matrimony Flowers

Matrimony Flowers

Our flower collection is absolutely natural and scented. We make sure that our wedding mandap decoration and florets are fresh and blossomed and have been picked from best florists in NY and NJ. We offer seasonal and mixed variety of colorful flowers for your wedding depending upon your choice.

Flower Variety

Flower Variety

Our flower variety is not limited to roses. Our white flower variety includes white Dendrobium, Peonies, Ecuadorian roses, etc. In addition to this serene collection, We add multiple and monochromatic colors to your wedding by decorating the wedding venues with pink, purple, yellow and even orange flowers which include Delphinium, Lillium Stargazer, Ranunculus, Hydrangea, Tulips, Orchids, and much more.

These flowers look fabulous whether they are used in decorating stage, mandap, entrance, etc., or are in the hands of a bride in the form of posy.

Wedding Centerpieces

Wedding Centerpieces

Wedding centerpieces are atmosphere enhancing decorations, but their wrong placing could get disturbing and overpowering. Keeping this in mind, we at Glamorous Event Planners arrange the most stunning and suitable centerpieces for your wedding venues as well as the guests’ tables. We understand that size, type and selection of centerpieces make a lot of difference and hence we make sure that selection and placing of centerpieces is done appropriately.

Centerpieces For The Tables

Wedding Centerpieces

As size and shape of tables vary, we understand that a particular type of wedding centerpiece won’t go with every table. On this basis, we provide small, large, broad, round and rectangular flower and non-flower centerpieces for the guests’ tables and make sure they look gorgeous instead of intense.

Floral Centerpieces:

Our selection of floral centerpieces comprises of gold & silver vases, round crystal bowls and multicolored flowers as preferred by our clients.

The floral centerpieces are also provided based on particular theme of a wedding.


As an alternate to floral centerpieces, we provide candles as wedding centerpieces. The illuminated candles enclosed in glass votives make the aura of a wedding more romantic and pleasurable.

Fruit & Candy Centerpieces:

The table runners often look beautiful with fruit and candy centerpieces. Colorful fruits in baskets and flamboyant candy jars enhance table decorations and serve as unique centerpieces.

Weddings flowers and centerpieces not only enrich the ambience of a wedding, but play a significant role in elevating moods of guests. Owing to this, Glamorous Event Planners provides some great and classy flowers and centerpieces ideas in NY and NJ which add elegance in your wedding.

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