Summer Wedding Flowers In Season June, July And August

June 20, 2019

Today’s post is about something every couple loves— wedding & anniversary flowers. With summers already upon us, it’s the time of the year when more flowers bloom. This gives summer brides the advantage of choosing between an avalanche of flowers, from full blossoms to unopened buds, dramatic ones to neutral tones. Also, the abundance of summer wedding flowers makes their prices go far too low, especially during June, July, and August.

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Here we are going to shed light upon the summer wedding flowers we cannot stop drooling over.


Mirror, mirror on the wall, which is the most famous blue flower of them all? Cornflower it is. It can be used in the centerpiece or bridal bouquet. You can team it up with tinted flowers such as anemones, sunflowers, or roses.

Calla Lily

The dramatic, trumpet-shaped flower can be the best pick for a bridal bouquet as well as vases standing tall on the reception tables. You can also pair lilies with roses or lisianthus. People usually prefer them in creamy ivory, but the hued versions like yellow, dark purple, or orange lilies also have a fan base.

Casablanca Lily

This large, star-shaped flower is one of the most scented night-blooming flowers. Termed as the queen of flowers, Casablanca lilies give an unquestionable royalty-like look when used in the bridal bouquet and centerpiece.


Resplendent on their own, daisies alone can make up an attractive, natural-looking bouquet. However, to accent the floral arrangement, they can go along with the roses, Billy balls, or Craspedia. Daisies usually have white petals and a prominent yellow center, but the colors may vary as per the type.


Available in white, pink, red, and yellow, these star-shaped flowers can be mixed with other flowers to give a feminine feel. They can work best as wedding & anniversary flowers, since they may look fresh and vibrant even after two weeks of your big day.

Baby's Breath

Perfect for adding volume to the bridal bouquet, these filler flowers are the delicate beauty in white. They can be tinted in any color of choice to make the floral arrangement pop. You can also fill the glass globe with them and use it as an affordable yet classy centerpiece. A crown made up of a baby’s breath can add feminine beauty to the bride’s chic hairstyle.


Available till late June, these high-end flowers make up gorgeous bouquets and centerpieces. Their amazing scent and appealingly extravagant petals are above par. Since the season of peonies is not much longer, they are considered even more precious. These fluffy blooms come in yellow, cream, pink, red, and white color.


Famous for its piquant smell, lavender can be a great choice to scatter from the flower basket. The light purple tone of lavenders is timeless. You can pair them with white and pink flowers to create a neutral look or you can mix it with darker flowers for a dramatic look. Lavender crowns can also add up to your romantic wedding vibe.


Although they don’t last more than 5-7 days, yet this cannot reduce brides’ liking for Hydrangea. They are available in pink, white, burgundy, and blue colors. The scentless shrub is moderately priced and can be used as a filler flower or bundle some twigs to make an elegant boutonniere.