2021 Wedding Trends—What To Look Out For In Terms Of Themes, Decorations And More

January 7, 2021

We’d seen a major shift in how planning a wedding theme took place last year when the Coronavirus pandemic hit. Over the months, couples have adjusted to the new normal and have even gotten creative with the way they host their wedding. Know all the new wedding trends 2021 list below. Let’s take a look at a few of the trends we’ll be seeing in 2021 in terms of weddings.

How to make the wedding theme for Intimate Gatherings

Intimate Gatherings Image Source: Unsplash/AMISH THAKKAR

Informal gatherings are at the top of the wedding theme list. It's no longer the norm to welcome everyone and all to your wedding day, sure, some minor specifics such as a world pandemic may have something to do with this, but couples want a more private, meaningful event with their nearest and dearest. Allowing them to more lavishly spend their budget on a smaller party. One of the major wedding trends of the season is for more casual ceremonies. These occasions tend to have a smaller guest list of up to 25 people, often called 'mini weddings'. They may be formal or casual, or they may adopt tradition or take a more contemporary approach, but they tend to be a fusion of both.

Simple Wedding Decorations Tips

DIY Wedding Décor Image Source: Unsplash/Christina Victoria Craft

Maintaining the ideal looks of wedding decoration flowers is a task, couples trying to save money prefer to create their own furniture. DIY wedding flowers, invitations, and even wedding cakes have increased in popularity and will likely continue to be popular throughout 2021. Saving money on costly furnishings will encourage a couple to devote honeymoon travel funds, a down payment on a house or car, or an extra wedding service such as videography.

How is the Only Fresh Materials Boom in Wedding Trends 2021

The Upcycling Boom Image Source: Unsplash/Samantha Gades

This is the decade of no upcycling weddings-without having to miss the party or the details, couples finding the safest ways to host their wedding themes with a flair of sustainable ways to host their festivities. They repurpose furniture, remove tossed items, procure flowers locally grown, and recycle surplus produce. But we're still seeing more distinctive eco-friendly developments, like going green with an heirloom from the very beginning or a family diamond, or a ring that's safely sourced. A vintage engagement ring, perhaps. In addition to recycled packaging, couples are getting innovative by using alternative materials for their invitation suites, such as upcycled fabrics, cloth, and wood.
Best Way to Live Streaming Wedding

Live Streaming Image Source: Unsplash/Ramiz Dedaković

Wedding developments in 2021 will entail a shift in how we include loved ones in our big day, as disturbing as it can sound conditions might prohibit those we love from attending in person, but this is when live streaming & videography comes into its own. It is becoming more famous to get your wedding day recorded as a video and a perfect way to relive your day and be able to submit live footage would be championed by various people in the upcoming years. Check Out the NYtimes article on Live Streaming a wedding HERE!

Unconventional Lighting

Unconventional Lighting Image Source: Unsplash/Анна Хазова

What's a wedding without decoration for the mood? At more unusual venues, such as pubs, parks, and pop-up barns, couples are getting hitched, so they have to bring their own light source to set the vibe for the wedding. String lamps, torches, and lanterns will not go out of style, but couples are seeking more choices for out-of-the-box lighting: the famous appearances right now are LED light signs with fun photos or catchy slogans, delicate hanging basket lanterns, and modern tube lighting.

Wedding Trends 2021 - Insights

In this blog, we’d outlined the wedding trends that will be popular in 2021. These will include more intimate gatherings, DIY décor, upcycling, live streaming the wedding, and unconventional lighting. Which of these trends will you follow in your wedding? For event and wedding planning, décor, and execution, get in touch with Glamorous Event Planners & Productions.